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16 Productivity Hacks According to Twitter

January 12, 2023

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

A blue Twitter bird running.

Do you ever have one of those days where you hopelessly stare at a blank document, unable to get anything of use out? Or those days where you have every intention of doing great things but end up watching too many TikToks?

Productivity is a highly coveted state of being, and we all know that Twitter is the last place you should go in your quest for it. So I’ll bring Twitter to you. No matter what is hindering your productivity, these useful hacks will epically elevate your workdays and get your brain back in business.

1. Be the fearless hero

Epic movie soundtracks can make even the driest of to-dos feel like the adventure you’ve been craving.


2. Got the need for speed?

By consuming more information in a shorter period of time, you’ll have more free time…to watch more YouTube.


3. Eyes on the prize

To the moon? To Mars? Ground yourself for now, and don’t get distracted by fleeting trends.


4. Speak your truth!

“I am going to read all four hundred and twelve unread emails in my inbox!” and then do it.


5. Give yourself time to waste time

10:30-10:35 – do the daily Wordle

2:24-3:00 – encase Dwight’s stapler in Jell-O


6. First the worst, second the best

Sometimes the most difficult thing in life is just getting out of bed. But once you’re up, you won’t believe how easy it is to get dressed!


7. Factory reset your brain

When faced with a new task, be like George Constanza and shift into soup mode. Serenity now!


8. The dream team

With the right people, you won’t have to do [insert your goal here] alone. Where would Batman be without Alfred and Robin?


9. Work for the weekend

Climbing a mountain is so much more rewarding when you take time to rest and enjoy the view.


10. Pobody’s Nerfect

Most times, something is better than nothing. So stop tinkering. It’s fine. Really.


11. Stop procaffeinating

(No, I didn’t make that up!) If you know what makes you feel more energized and focused, do more of that!


12. DND is so yesterday

Any body of water will do.


13. Pick your battles

Save your energy for more of the important things in life. Like debating whether it’s Natalie Portman or Keira Knightly in that one movie…


14. Maybe robots aren’t all evil?

Brb while I use this hack to try and explain artificial intelligence and machine learning to my dear Italian grandmother.


15. It’s all bad news anyway

Get your news in a better, more exciting way: from nihilistic memes on social media made by Gen-Z.


16. Don’t settle for unsatisfactory solutions

The grass is greener on the other side. We promise!


Complete your quest

Hopefully one or more of these hacks from Twitter manages to shift your brain from idle to drive. Say goodbye to TikTok rabbit holes and hello to your most productive day ever.

Got a productivity hack of your own? Tweet it to us!

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