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Better To Best: Why Upgrade Your Free Sync Account

by Victoria Donovan on June 30, 2021

Sync Pro.

Are the best things in life really free? Yes and no. Your free Sync Starter plan is pretty great and you’re certainly getting work done, but Sync Pro…now that’s the best! Sync Pro Solo and Pro Teams plans include the absolute best of everything. Are you ready to take your workflows and collaboration to the next level so you can get your very best work done?

Here are simply the best Pro features that you’re missing out on today.

Get Unlimited Storage Space

Your free Sync Starter plan is limited to 5 GB of storage space, which is certainly adequate for casual work. But to get the most out of Sync, and to get your best work done, you really need a whole lot more. Say hello to Pro. Sync Pro plans include massive amounts of storage space from 2 TB (2000 GB) to UNLIMITED. Keep all your files backed up and rid yourself of the struggles of staying under the limit by upgrading to Pro. It doesn’t get any better than unlimited!

Put Your Company Logo On Display

Sync is great for sharing files, though on your Free Starter plan, the Sync logo is always on display. But did you know that with one quick upgrade you can replace our logo with your own company logo? When sharing with clients and customers, having your own logo and colors on display is the best way to build trust and set your business apart. Take your client sharing experience from good to great with custom branding and put your best foot forward, by upgrading to the Pro Solo Professional or Pro Teams Unlimited plan today.

Make It Easy For Your Clients To Send You Files

Sending files securely is a piece of cake with the free Sync Starter plan. Requesting or receiving files from clients and customers though, not so much. Unless, of course, you upgrade. With any Sync Pro plan, your clients can send you files instantly without creating a Sync account, without installing any software, and without resorting to bulky email attachments. They get their own secure file portal to upload and download as they please. Additionally, you get instant notifications whenever there’s activity. Upgrade to the best and easiest file sharing solution for everyone.

custom branded client file portal.

Quickly And Easily Preview All Documents

Previewing documents on the free Sync Starter plan is not doable. You need to download first just to view, stalling your web panel and file sharing workflows. However, with Sync Pro you get instant inline document previews for all your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, as well as PDF, Photoshop, AutoCAD, and a whole lot more! The people you share with get document previews as well (without downloading first), keeping your workflows flowing in the best possible way.

Maintain Control With Enhanced Permissions On Shared Links

Sending Sync Links is a safer way of sharing documents. And the free Sync Starter plan includes one great link sharing permission: password protection. But why stop at just one? With Sync Pro, you get even more great permissions to maintain complete control when sharing, keeping your work ultra-safe and protected. Check out these permission possibilities:

  • Set download limits: control how many times your shared link can be accessed. One-time links are a great way to ensure your files stay in the right hands.
  • Disable downloads (preview only): ensure the files you share cannot be downloaded to your recipient’s computer or mobile device. Preventing data proliferation and maintaining compliance just got a whole lot easier.
  • Expiry dates: when enabled your shared link will no longer be accessible after the specific day, hour, and minute you set. No need to worry about access after the fact
  • Activity notifications: get immediate email notifications when there’s activity on your links, so you’ll always be in the know.

Even better, Pro plans include unlimited link sharing. Go from creating a maximum of 3 links to creating unlimited links with enhanced permissions. Think of all the great sharing you’ll be able to do!

Set View-only Permissions For Internal Or External Team Shared Folders

Team shared folders are the best way to set up document collaboration internally and externally. And they do work great on the free plan, however, on the free plan everyone with access can edit or delete the files in your shared folder. To prevent that and maintain control, you need Sync Pro.

With Pro, you get View-only permissions, which gives you more flexibility when sharing because you can pick and choose who can edit and who cannot. If you’ve got external collaborators, this feature is perfect, and can be set per user per folder. Additionally, with Sync Pro, you can easily delegate shared folder management to other members of your team.

And just like with shared links, Pro plans include unlimited shared folders. Go from 3 to getting your whole team in sync with no limits!

Never Lose A File With Longer File Recovery And History

Accidents happen. You confidently hit delete on an old file, but then later realize you need it again. Your free Sync Starter plan has you covered with 30 days of file recovery, so there’s no need to panic. 30 days is good, but not good enough for your business. With Sync Pro, you get up to a whopping 365 days of deleted file recovery and file version history. With that whole year of recovery, you can go way, way, way, way back in time to find your best work that you thought you no longer needed.

Mobile Phones And Tablets Get An App-grade Too

The Sync apps for iOS and Android offer workflow functionality on the go! One of the best features is offline access, a setting that makes your files available when you don’t have an internet connection. With your Free plan, you can set files for offline use, but with Sync Pro, both files and folders can be saved offline. With this awesome upgrade, no matter where you roam, you’ll always have access to what you need!

The mobile apps are also ideal for managing your photos and videos by automatically backing up your most precious memories. With the free plan, everything is saved neatly into the pre-defined Camera Uploads folder. But what if you want to place your memories somewhere else? You can with Pro! With Pro you can choose your own folder destination for all your automatic uploads, making things much more organized and accessible.

Easy Account Management For Businesses And Teams

If you have multiple team members using Sync for free, or if you’ve purchased multiple Pro Solo plans that are all billed separately, you need to upgrade to Pro Teams! Pro Teams gives you an Administrator account to consolidate all your Sync accounts under one roof. This makes life so much easier, and there are potentially huge cost savings as well! The team that syncs together, stays together! Here’s what you get when you upgrade to Pro Teams:

  • Administer account: make team management easy for businesses by getting a new super-user administrator account. This allows you to provision accounts, set passwords, set global permissions, and even sign in as users if needed. Admin like a Pro.
  • Consolidated accounts: bring together all the Sync accounts in-use by your organization, under the umbrella of one main account for improved visibility, control, and management as your team grows.
  • Centralized billing: transitioning everyone to an upgraded plan is incredibly easy and stays easy even as you scale. All accounts are billed together—much to the delight of your accounting department—and new users added after are pro-rated.
  • Cost savings: getting everyone on the Pro Teams plans that meets your needs fully can reduce costs by cutting out bulky data servers, external hard drives, and less effective technology.
  • Ownership and compliance: moving your team to Pro Teams ensures that you maintain ownership of all employee accounts at all times. Furthermore, it ensures that your whole team’s usage of Sync is fully compliant with the most recognized security and compliance regulations worldwide. No more sharing passwords.
Get Superior Priority Support When You Need It

Your free Sync Starter plan includes way above-average technical support compared to most free services out there. Have a question? You’ll get answers from our in-house customer support team fast. But with Sync Pro, your customer service experience goes above and beyond. Pro includes priority, front-of-the-line VIP treatment. Super-fast support by real people. And with the Pro Teams Unlimited plan you even get on-demand phone support, when you need it!

So by all means, talk to us. Our professional, dedicated support team is here to help keep your workflows flowing, by delivering the very best customer service on Pro.

Upgrade Today And Be Your Best

There’s so much more to Sync. You’ve got so much more to sync. Go from good to great instantly by upgrading to Pro Solo or Pro Teams. Experience the best of Sync: unlimited storage, custom branding, longer recovery and history, more permissions, administrative account control, faster support, and so much more. Boost your productivity, protect your files, collaborate quicker, and get your very best work done with simply the best Pro features that you’re missing out on today.

Compare plans and upgrade right now!

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