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Bringing the “sync” to our mobile apps

by Jason on September 10, 2018


As you may have noticed, we’ve been hard at work adding new features to the Sync mobile apps for both iOS and Android. In fact we’ve released six major updates in as many months, and there’s even more on the way.

Sync offline

You can now access your files, even when airplane mode has disconnected you from the world. Set files or folders offline, and you’ll be able to access them effortlessly from 35,000 feet. Even better, when you do touch down, the Sync app will ensure your offline files and folders are completely up-to-date and in sync.


From the file menu, simply select Sync offline. Free users can sync files offline, premium users can sync files and folders offline.

First class shared folders

Create, manage and join team shared folders directly from the mobile apps. No more visiting the web panel to get your team in sync. Mobile teams rejoice!

Recents tab

We’ve added a brand new tab to give you a quick and easy way to see files that have been recently added or changed. You no longer have to play Marco Polo (or hide and seek for all you terrestrials) to find your latest files. Tap the recents tab instead.


Because sometimes one just isn’t enough. Select multiple files to sync offline easier, or copy, rename and delete faster. And if that wasn’t enough, folder copy, rename and delete are all new features as well. On iOS choose the select mode option from the files menu, on Android long press any file.

Automatic camera upload improvements

Behind the scenes we’ve tuned up automatic uploads to make them more reliable, and tuned in improved support for large video files.

iOS Files app support

We’re “all-in” in terms of ensuring Sync works with the Apple Files app, because it enables you to open from, and save to Sync from other apps installed on your iPhone or iPad. Support for the Files app continues to grow, which means more and more iOS apps can integrate directly with Sync.

More to come

Most of these features launched as a direct result of feedback from you. We are listening, and we want to hear from you. Let us know.

Get the apps right now

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