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Introducing Phone Support: Get the Help you Need

August 17, 2021

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Free Phone Support

Here at Sync we’re on a mission to help you get your best work done. With a big emphasis on help. Helping you succeed is what drives us. It’s built into our DNA. And it’s what we’ve been doing since day one. Which is why, no matter which Sync plan you’re on, our expert team of dedicated, in-house customer support specialists are ready to help you. Need help getting set up? Have a question about a feature? Want to deep-dive on technical subject matter? Got a feature request? We’ve got all the answers. Real people working in sync to help you means our team is on your team. Always.

Testimonial from a happy customer Sync helped.
Introducing phone support!

In order to offer an even more effortless customer service experience, we’re excited to announce a stellar new way to get help: phone support! You can now speak with our team directly and get expert answers to all your questions. In short, phone support is simply the fastest way for you to get help.

Nothing beats real-time conversations with real people. We promise no automated messaging systems or time-consuming processes. Instead, you get fast, one-on-one, personalized service from our expert, in-house customer service team. No more spending hours transcribing an essay’s worth of text to get your point across. No more waiting for a reply. You talk, we listen. Problem solved.

Furthermore, Sync phone support is on-demand, which works on your schedule. No more waiting, wondering, or re-arranging your day. Simply let us know when to call you!

Phone support is available exclusively on the new Sync Pro Teams Unlimited plan. If you’re not already on the Unlimited plan, upgrade now. We can’t wait to speak with you and show you just how effortless getting personalized support can be.

“It’s the same great team on the phones, so you’ll get the same level of care as you do via email, but with all benefits of a real-time conversation.” – Samantha Coulombe, Customer Service Manager,
Other great ways to get help

Of course, we continue to include fast email support for all, with priority front-of-the-line help for our Pro customers. We’re committed to offering stellar customer service regardless of which plan you’re on—contact us anytime. Likewise, the Sync help center offers easy, step-by-step instructions covering virtually every syncing topic. It’s a great place to get started. No matter how you prefer to get help, we’ve got answers for you.

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By the numbers

Over 1.8 million individuals, businesses, and teams are getting their best work done with Sync, and we’re happy to help! In fact, here are some stats:

  • Our support team has helped 71,123 people over the past 12 months, with questions ranging from basic setup to features to everything in between.
  • You can leave feedback. Currently, our team is averaging an 88% happiness score (88% happy, 10% satisfied, 2% sad).
  • And 72% of your questions are answered the same day (most within hours).
  • We love to help!

Fun fact: with a name like Sync, our team sometimes helps people who have locked themselves out of their vehicles get back in (Ford Sync My Ride). Thus, we really can help you with virtually anything!

Rave review from a happy Sync customer.

A customer-first approach

Helping you is what we do, and our commitment to providing stellar customer service goes above and beyond this amazing announcement. For instance, here are even more support highlights from this past year:

  • Significant ongoing team-size expansion with a commitment to deliver customer service in-house
  • Vastly improved email response times
  • Priority queuing to give Pro customers front-of-the-line service
  • Expanded support hours that include full evenings and weekend coverage
Need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

We’re committed to making your Sync experience the best it can be, and that starts with stellar customer service. From self-help articles to priority email support and now optional, on-demand phone support, you’ll effortlessly get the help you need. Therefore, you can go ahead and get your best work done, knowing we’re always here to help you!

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