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Introducing Sync Pro Teams Unlimited

July 26, 2021

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Imagine your life without limits. What would you do? Would you compose the next ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’? Engineer the next wonder of the world? Would you land on the moon? The possibilities are endless. However, are the tools you’re using helping you get there? To think big, you need to Sync big. That’s why we’re excited to bring you the new Sync Pro Teams Unlimited plan. It’s perfect for your big ideas. Unlimited storage, unlimited data transfer, unlimited collaboration, and unlimited potential to get your best work done.

Unlimited storage

Big ideas need big storage. You can’t get to the moon on mere gigabytes. With Sync Pro Teams Unlimited, you get all the storage you need, ensuring that your large-scale projects have room to grow. Don’t let your workflows grind to a halt, and instead keep your best work safe and secure in the cloud with Sync.

  • Get all the cloud storage you need
  • Keep your biggest projects always backed up
  • No surprise storage fees
Unlimited data transfer

Great work demands to be seen. However, with bandwidth limits artificially limiting the size of your audience, how are you supposed to get the word out? With Sync Pro Teams Unlimited you get unlimited data transfer to share your big ideas with the world! Whether you’re collaborating internally or sharing externally, Sync makes it happen in a big way. Launch day success has never been easier.

  • Get unlimited data transfer
  • Share with millions of people
  • Scale your launch plan in a big way
The right choice for your team

You can’t get to the moon alone. Your team is vital to thinking big and Syncing big, so don’t hold them back. With Pro Teams Unlimited, you don’t have to worry about micro-managing team storage space, quotas, or capacity, which means you can focus on what matters most. Unlock the potential of your team.

  • Pool your data across team members easily
  • No need to micro-manage your team’s storage or bandwidth
  • No surprise storage costs or transfer fees
To infinity and beyond

Furthermore, Sync Pro Teams Unlimited includes more than just unlimited storage. It’s the perfect plan for your biggest projects and includes everything you need:

  • Keep your big ideas safe, secure, and private with strong encryption and access controls
  • Setup centralized folders that your entire team can access from anywhere
  • Access your files securely from any computer or phone or tablet
  • Share your files easily
  • Add your company logo and branding when sharing files
  • Onboard and offboard team members easily with an Administrator account
  • Lastly, get VIP phone support whenever you need it
Get your best work done

Finally you can let your big ideas take flight with Sync Pro Teams Unlimited. Say goodbye to surprise transfer fees, and stop worrying about running out of storage space. Unlock the unlimited potential of your team with unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer.

Think big. Sync big. Get started today, to the moon and beyond!

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