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Sync 1.1.9-f16 desktop apps available

by Jason on April 11, 2017


We’ve just released version 1.1.9-f16 of the Sync desktop app, for both Windows and Mac OS X.

If you’re already running Sync, click the Sync icon in your menu bar or system tray and the upgrade option should be visible. Otherwise, you can upgrade by downloading and installing the app directly.

Need help? Step-by-step instructions here, or contact us.

What’s new?

Version 1.1.9-f16

  • FIXED: Events sometimes being attributed to the wrong device on shares
  • FIXED: Less likely to create conflict files
  • FIXED: Network alarm less sensitive
  • FIXED: Automatic recovery from local Sync database locking, errors or corruption
  • FIXED: The mighty tilde (~) character supported in file names again
  • FIXED: Various issues related to ._ files on external OS X volumes
  • FIXED: Delayed file issues if third-party app reverted a file modification time on a file
  • FIXED: Disk ID switching issues would cause Sync to hang
  • FIXED: Some OS X language settings would cause install failure
  • IMPROVED: Utilizes less CPU with large file sets (millions of files)
  • IMPROVED: Less background scanning
  • IMPROVED: Reduced the likelihood of folders coming back to life when deleting or renaming

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