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Why privacy matters when choosing a cloud storage provider

by Thomas@tsavundra on July 16, 2013

Why privacy matters when choosing a cloud storage provider

Cloud storage providers are popping up everywhere. From startups to established players, everyone seems to be getting into the game. Naturally, many consumers are only looking at how much GBs they can get for the lowest price. Often, they are not considering all the features, and the most important feature of all, privacy.

They can see what you store

Most consumers look to get a better deal and focus on the amount of storage space they get, not knowing that some cloud storage providers are de-duping files. Here is how it works: If you add a file to your account that has been previously uploaded by another user, they will associate your file with the existing one rather than storing a duplicate. It’s creepy they know exactly how many people have the same file. Saving them money but invading your privacy.

Rules are not enough

Most cloud storage providers state in their service agreements that they have rules in place to prevent staff from accessing files. However, they also state that there are times where staff will need to access them.
Although there are rules in place, staff can access your files. Do you really want strangers having full access to your private data?

Who holds the key?

In order for your data to be safe and secure, the files must be encrypted. Some cloud storage providers claim to encrypt your files, but they also keep the key. With them having the key, they can easily decrypt your files, anytime. If they wish to, or are required by law enforcement or government agencies to provide access to your files, they can remove encryption from the files, leaving your sensitive information vulnerable.

Protecting privacy means protecting people gives you the privacy you deserve. You have Pure Privacy — we made it impossible for us to be able to look into your data, and only you control the key.

With, enjoy your GBs at a great price and keep your privacy. We have you covered.

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