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Your Privacy Matters

October 4, 2018

Team Lead at Sync

Your Privacy Matters

So it turns out that data privacy protection may very well be the most important issue of the 21st century. Everything from your web browsing habits, to your email address, to the strength of your phone’s battery is now up for sale to the highest bidder.

Tech giants reap profits by the billions – converting your data into a commodity for advertisers. Hackers reap profits by the billions – holding your data for ransom. And governments all over the world continue the march towards complete totalitarian control over anything and everything related to your data.

Here at Sync we believe that your privacy is worth protecting and that technology should keep you safe:

  • We choose privacy over profit
  • We collect as little data about you as possible
  • We do not sell your data (or aggregate data) to other companies
  • We restrict employee access to your data
  • We cannot access your documents and files stored on our servers
  • We provide an open and transparent privacy policy

Simply put, we take your privacy seriously. It drives everything we do today.

Some companies want you to believe that they need access to your data to build a better service. Don’t believe it – productivity in the cloud doesn’t have to come at the expense of your security or privacy. Governments want you to believe that backdoor access will help keep you safe. They’re wrong – backdoors weaken security.

And while we may be past the point where tech companies can regulate themselves, there does seem to be a positive shift towards awareness. At least one tech giant has taken a stand, opposing government overreach and lashing out at companies that monetize user data. The EU has taken steps to help consumers better understand what they’re signing up for. And more and more app developers are building end-to-end encryption into their products and services, in an effort to provide better privacy protection.

Your privacy matters. It’s what we’ve been saying since day one.

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