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Can a non-Sync user share with me?

Premium users have the ability to enable the Upload Enabled Links feature where they allow anyone, even non-Sync users, with access to a linked folder to upload files to it.  It’s great for business professionals that need documents to be sent to them through a secure channel.

Creating an Upload Enabled Link

1. Log in to the web panel.

2. Click the menu icon beside any folder you wish to allow others to upload to or create a new folder by clicking the Folder icon on the top right, naming it and then clicking the menu icon beside the folder.


3. Choose Create Link


4. A shareable link – a unique URL that anyone can click to view your folder – will be created.


5. Choose whether you wish to have Enhanced privacy for client-side decryption. What’s this? If it is not enabled, add the email addresses you wish to send the link to.

6. Click Change link setting such as uploads, password protection and expiration date

7. The setting menu will launch


8. Choose whether you wish to Password protect your link.  If yes, enter a password and click Save Settings.

9. Click the option to Enable upload and choose either Upload enabled or Upload enabled, hide contents if you do not wish for your recipient to view the files in the folder.

10. You can also set an expiry date for the link and enable email notifications to be sent to you when a person uploads to or downloads from your folder.

11. Copy the link. Click Close to exit.

12. You can now send the link to others.

Uploading to an Upload Enabled Link

1. Click the link that is given to you and enter the password if required.

2. Files already in the folder will be visible and downloadable. You can select each file individually to download them or click the download icon on the top right and all files will begin to download automatically.


3. You can upload to the folder by dragging and dropping files into the browser.


4. You can also upload to the folder by clicking the upload icon on the top right and choosing the file from your computer’s file folders.


5. The files will be uploaded and synced to the Sync user who created the link.



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