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How does syncing work?

The Sync mobile app works differently than the Sync desktop application (client).  With the Sync desktop application, it is constantly checking for changes.  Whereas the Sync mobile app syncs only on demand.

Document Previews

Open, view and preview your documents, photos and videos right from your phone or tablet. And with on-demand access, all of your files are accessible without taking up additional space.

Automatic camera uploads

Keep your memories safe and secure, free up space on your phone, and sync your photos to all of your devices by enabling automatic camera uploads. Learn more.

Send and share

Easily send your files to anyone, right from your phone or tablet. And access your shared folders for easy remote file collaboration. Learn more.

Safe and secure

Never lose your files again. If your phone takes a dip or a drop your data will always be safe, secure and available in the cloud.


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