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What is the Sync desktop application (client)?

The Sync desktop application (client) is a downloadable program that runs on your Windows or Mac operating system and allows you to access your Sync files directly through a folder on your hard drive.

During installation the desktop app places a special Sync folder on your computer. Any files or folders you place inside the Sync folder will automatically be backed up (synced) to the cloud.

Don’t just copy files into your Sync folder – work directly from your Sync folder.

When creating new documents, photos or spreadsheets save them to your Sync folder. Your Sync folder is local (on your computer) which means saving files is always ultra-fast, and whenever you save your documents they’ll be backed up to the cloud automatically.

When you save to Sync you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data is always safe.

The desktop application even works when you go offline. The next time you’re online, Sync will backup any changes just where it left off.

Pro Tip

Sync does not store or keep a copy of your password and password changes can only be made via the desktop application. This is part of what makes Sync so secure.


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