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To provide a safe
space for the world
to collaborate

People in Sync do truly incredible things

We bring people together to do truly incredible things

At Sync we strive to help people do great things, which is exactly what it means to be in sync. Over 2 million individuals and businesses worldwide use our products to share big ideas, store important information, and collaborate on game changing projects — making the world a better place.

We give people the freedom to work from anywhere, with anyone, any time

Sync transforms the way people work, with productivity tools designed to make it easy to store information securely in the cloud and access it from the office, from home, or ideally, from the most awe-inspiring places in the solar system.

Freedome to work from anywhere
Cloud storage that protects your privacy

We’re committed to building a safe and secure internet for everyone

Sync includes ground breaking privacy-protection features and encryption technology designed to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. It’s why we built Sync and we continue to deliver on the promise of better security and privacy in the cloud each and every day.

When the world is in sync we create moments that inspire and memories that last

We’re all at our best and most productive when our goals and values are in sync — when our lives are in sync — when our worlds are in sync. It’s that aha moment that helps us level up and grow. Getting in sync is our platform, our apps and a state of mind. Read more ...

Sync is magical

7.1 B

Over 7.1 billion files securely stored

130 PB

Over 130 Petabytes managed

4.1 M

Over 4.1 million files shared per day

2 M

Over 2 million registered users


Over 950,000 business accounts


Sync has users in over 180 countries

Welcome to the moon

Thomas Savundra, Suhan Shan and Darius Antia founded Sync in 2011 with the goal of creating a secure cloud storage platform with privacy protection built-in — something unheard of at the time. Focusing first on developing end-to-end encrypted apps and infrastructure for individuals, they soon saw potential in how Sync could help businesses and teams entrusted with important, confidential data work more effectively. Today Sync provides secure document storage, file sharing and collaboration features that get people, businesses and teams in sync.

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