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Secure cloud storage

Get secure cloud storage that helps keep your files protected from unauthorized access. Only from Sync.

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Secure cloud storage

Here's how Sync keeps you safe:

Exceptionally private cloud

All Sync plans include strong encryption which helps protect your data from unauthorized access in the cloud. Perfect for keeping your confidential documents safe, secure and private.

Your personal data belongs to you

Sync doesn't collect, sell or share your personal data or app usage information to advertisers or third-parties, and we do not claim ownership of your data. Because it's your data.

Global data privacy compliance

Sync is safe to use, no matter where your business operates, with USA, EU / UK GDPR, and Canadian compliance built-in, including data residency.

Automatic backup, sync and restore

Sync backs up your files in real time, and makes it easy to recover deleted files and previous versions of any file, any time. Never lose a file again.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Data is replicated across multiple SOC-2 certified data center locations with SAS RAID storage, automatic failover and a 99.9% or better uptime SLA.

Account security controls

Two-factor authentication, granular user permissions, remote wipe, custom passwords, expiry dates, notifications and more ensure you're always in control.

The best secure Dropbox aleternative

Here's why it's time to drop Dropbox and switch to Sync

It’s no secret that Dropbox is hostile to customer privacy, and with a history of significant security breaches exposing customer data, it’s clear that Dropbox is not fit to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

The problem is that while Dropbox does encrypt your files, they do so in a way that gives them access without you knowing. Furthermore, from time to time, they may even share data with third parties. For businesses entrusted with confidential, private information, this makes storing files at Dropbox incredibly risky. Encryption is key (pun intended), but who do you trust with the keys?

Sync was built with one mission in mind: to keep your data safe. Sync's platform and apps include groundbreaking privacy-protection features designed to limit how much of your personal information we, or anyone else, can access. State-of-the-art security technologies and access control policies further safeguard your data. Additionally, Sync is certified compliant with the most widely accepted security and privacy regulations worldwide.

Get secure cloud storage and file sharing that respects your privacy. Take back control of your data.

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