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Send and receive files securely

Secure file sharing

Share with anyone quick and easy — and say goodbye to email attachments once and for all.

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Secure file sharing

Everything you need to share files quickly

Sharing much faster than email

Send and receive documents, folders and files, point and click. No additional software, no account creation and no email attachments required. It's that easy!

High quality document previews

Built-in previews make it easy for the people you share with to view and approve your documents and photos instantly, without having to download first.

Unlimited data transfer

With Sync you don't have to worry about bandwidth limits or traffic allowance when sharing. You can go viral and share with millions! We want you to succeed!

Large files? No problem!

Got large files to share? From lossless audio to 4K video to keynote presentations and super-high resolution creative, you can share it all quickly and easily with Sync.

Access controls to keep your work protected

Maintain full control of the files you're sharing with password protection, view-only access and expiry dates. Revoke access anytime, even after you've shared it.

Enterprise grade security for peace of mind

Sync includes groundbreaking privacy protection features, enterprise grade infrastructure and certification with the most widely accepted security and privacy regulations worldwide. Your files are safe with Sync.

The best secure client file sharing

Private file sharing that keeps your documents safe

When you attach files to email, you, your email provider, the recipient's email provider and the recipient all have access to your files. Yes, that’s right – email attachments are not secure, because everyone has access. Even worse, when you send an attachment there's no way to revoke access. Once it's sent, there's no turning back.

Sync solves all of this by allowing you to send files and folders of any size using email, without attachments. And even better, features like password protection, instant access notifications, expiry dates and insights ensure you're always in control. Revoke access to sent documents and files anytime, even after you've sent them.

Share easier, faster and safer with Sync, without the hassle of email attachments.

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