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Sync is like Dropbox but exceptionally private

A secure Dropbox alternative that protects your privacy

Protect your data from unauthorized access with a secure Dropbox alternative that protects your privacy.

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A secure Dropbox alternative that protects your privacy

All the reasons to #DropDropbox and choose Sync

Privacy protection built-in

All Sync plans include client-side, end-to-end encrypted features which help protect your data from unauthorized access in the cloud. Perfect for keeping all your confidential documents safe. Dropbox ... not so much.

Your personal data belongs to you

Sync doesn't collect, sell or share your personal data or app usage information to advertisers or third-parties. In fact we do not track app usage at all! At Sync you're a customer, not a product!

Stronger, faster, better customer service

If you're okay interacting with a Chatbot Dropbox has the perfect customer support for you. Otherwise, with Sync you get rapid response times from in-house customer service experts. Real people. Refreshing.

Fair, customer friendly pricing that gives you more

With Sync you get immediate cost relief compared to Dropbox’s wildly expensive cost per GB. Save hundreds of dollars, simply by switching to Sync. Don't let Dropbox rip you off!

Data loss protection 365 days of the year

In terms of data loss protection, Sync has your back like no other. With Sync you get up to 365-days of file recovery (as opposed to Dropbox’s paltry 180 days). Never lose a file again!

All the features you know and love

Just like Dropbox, Sync makes it easy to store, share and access your files from anywhere. And with a familar Sync folder, SmartSync-like CloudFiles, links and shared folders, you'll be right at home with Sync.

Bye bye Dropbox, hello Sync

Make the switch today

Sync takes what you know and like about Dropbox and simply does it better. More storage space, encrypted data, familiar features, and all for a better price! It’s no wonder that thousands of people have made the switch from Dropbox to Sync (and are raving about it). Plus, migration is easy too! Moving your files from Dropbox to Sync does not require a herculean effort. In fact, it’s as simple as point and click.

Take your cloud storage use to the next level and make the switch for yourself to the best option. Find the right plan for you so you can fall back in love with cloud storage that doesn’t hold you back. Get your workflows moving again with a secure Dropbox vs Sync alternative that works for you.

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