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Syncing our values

Our core values are constant — four fundamental forces that help define us, shape us, guide us, and unify us. They govern our universe: who we are as a company, how we act as individuals, and what we can accomplish as a team.

Humanity, ownership, growth, and commitment: when we’re in sync with our values, and each other, we can do truly incredible things.


Humanity unifies us through positivity, kindness, and trust. We live this value by having an optimistic outlook, assuming positive intent, rejecting gossip and blame, sharing honest feedback, and seeking to understand all points of view. We are stronger as a team by being the best versions of ourselves.


Ownership shapes us through our words, actions, and results. We live this value by doing what we say, solving problems, asking for help, taking responsibility, setting goals, and making informed decisions. By considering what’s best for Sync first, the Sync team, and then self, anything is possible.


Growth defines us through our ability to adapt and evolve. We live this value by learning new things, learning from our mistakes, evaluating results, sharing knowledge, sharing experiences, innovating, and focusing on all that we can do. We have the power to compete at the highest level when we help each other grow.


Commitment is the success story that guides us. It’s our passion to deliver the best possible experiences and highest quality outcomes. We live this value by thinking long term, having a bias for action, voicing our opinion, abiding by decisions, persisting in the face of challenge, and doing our best work. We’re committed to success.

Most importantly, we love our team, listen to our customers, and live our core values day in and day out. Being purpose driven is how we win.

Life in Sync

We're dedicated to bringing a truly diverse group of people together to make the world a better place. Our purpose is to create a safe space for the world to collaborate, and we do this through equity, inclusion, sustainability, and growth. Because when we’re in sync with our values, and each other, we can do truly incredible things.

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