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COVID-19 Got You Down? 6 Ways to Fight off Pandemic Fatigue and Stay Positive

by Samantha on February 12, 2021

What do you miss most from before the pandemic? I miss getting coffee with friends. You know, sitting back in those comfy café chairs, watching and listening to people milling about in the moment and savouring that sweet dark roast aroma in the air. All while catching up in person, face-to-face, talking about anything and everything not related to COVID.

Now, staying at home, avoiding people and binging Netflix all day every day seems to be the new normal – at least for the time being. Turning our homes into office spaces, teaching spaces and virtual meet-up places has perhaps altered the definition of in-real-life for an entire generation. 2020 was a year full of unexpected surprises and interruptions to all the things that we love most. And while 2021 seems to be off to a pandemic start, there’s finally some hope, and perhaps an end in sight!

In the meantime, how can we stay positive and keep on going?

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Never Lose a File Again With Sync’s Data Recovery Features

by Samantha on February 2, 2021

Is there anything worse than that sinking feeling when you’ve lost an important file and now you’re back to square one? At Sync, ensuring that your documents are safe and accessible is our top priority and we have a number of exceptional features in our toolbox to make sure you never lose a file again.

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Better Safe Than Sorry With Two-Factor Authentication

by Victoria Donovan on January 31, 2021

Privacy and security matters to you, especially online. That’s why you create unique, unguessably strong passwords for every account you have, right? Privacy and security matters to us at Sync too, and that’s why Two-Factor Authentication (aka 2FA) is ready for you to take your account security and privacy to the next level. It’s a feature we really, really encourage you to use.

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How To Prevent Burnout—And Build A Thriving Team

by Kristen Marano on January 28, 2021


Leaders, not workers, are responsible to manage organizational stress. Here are three steps to start.

While reviewing our team performance this past year, something stood out: by December, typically a time to feel stressed, we were energized and gaining momentum in ways we hadn’t in the last 12 months. We had overcome obstacles that could have pulled us apart and pushed us in the wrong direction. We were creating engaging content to help individuals and teams get in sync. We were thriving. But, how?

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Sync 3.4.x mobile apps available

by Jason on January 25, 2021


We’ve just released version 3.4.x of the Sync mobile app, for iOS and Android. If you’ve already got the Sync app installed, it will auto-update. If you haven’t yet installed Sync on your mobile device you can do so by following these instructions.
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