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What Iconic Content Creators Do To Overcome Mental Blocks

by Kristen Marano on November 25, 2020


Movement is medicine.

I caught a bad case of writer’s block in April. My creative spirit was dim, and I was desperate to get my mojo back. When a friend asked me to join her on a 127-kilometre hike, I initially said, “no,” because I should have been brainstorming stories. When my partner said, “go, it will give you inspiration,” I was reminded of the power of nature to rejuvenate creativity. I set off into the Australian bush: each step became an inquisitive spark of new content, wouldn’t it be cool to write about how sport can help us thrive in our lives?
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How To Build A Winning Team At Work — Lessons From Women’s Soccer

by Kristen Marano on November 2, 2020


Six strategies for success.

With three games left in the season, my women’s soccer team won the league and claimed first place with a 13-point lead. It might surprise you that last year we were a losing team. We’re a skilled bunch who strategize, play our positions, and strike hard, but that’s not why we became a winning team. We won this year because we overcame our self-doubt and built self-belief. On and off the pitch we practiced three things consistently: communication, connection, and confidence.

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The Key To Resilient Teams? Cultivating Positive Emotion

by Kristen Marano on September 22, 2020


People who practice vulnerability build a strong team foundation to navigate tomorrow, says The Resilience Project Founder Hugh van Cuylenburg.
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How to stop your distractions from controlling your day

by Kristen Marano on August 17, 2020


Being productive is about mastering your attention, not making to-do lists, according to Nir Eyal, author of Indistractable. Here’s how to get back on task and control your life.

This is the first interview in a new series by called Five Questions With, in conversation with global thinkers about how we can lead better lives.

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App updates: Microsoft 365, mobile app enhancements and more …

by Jason on July 21, 2020


Edit Microsoft documents directly from the web panel!

Yes, you read that right, Sync now plays nice with Microsoft Office 365 Online! Sync Pro and Business customers can preview and edit documents in Sync (with a Microsoft Office 365 for Business license). You’ll find a shiny new Edit in Office web panel menu option, which you can use to edit “live”. And live edits are instantly synchronized to all of your computers and devices, making web-based collaboration a whole lot easier.

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