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2016 Sync in review

by Jason on January 16, 2017

2016 Year in Review -

2016 was an incredible year at Sync. In our quest to make cloud storage more secure for everyone we launched an extraordinary number of new products and features, we expanded our datacenter infrastructure, and we grew our community of users to over 236,000 businesses and individuals, in over 150 countries. Sync users have been busy as well – securely storing over half a billion files in the cloud, and securely sharing millions of files per day.

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Sync 1.1.9 desktop apps available

by Jason on January 10, 2017


We’ve just released version 1.1.9 of the Sync desktop app, for both Windows and Mac OS X.

If you’re already running Sync, click the Sync icon in your menu bar or system tray and the upgrade option should be visible. Otherwise, you can upgrade by downloading and installing the app directly.

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Top 10 features you should start using right now

by Jason on July 28, 2016

Top 10 Features 
Sync makes it really easy to backup, sync and share your files. But if you’ve only ever added files to your /sync folder, and haven’t yet explored the web panel, then you’ve probably been missing out. Looking beyond the Sync folder, you’ll discover advanced features that let you save space, get more space, go back in time, secure your files, boost your productivity and more.

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Keep tabs on your files with Sync’s new events timeline

by Jason on July 19, 2016

Imagine a world in which you had absolute knowledge of every single event happening around you. A real-time data feed wired directly into your brain, reconciling time and space, mind and matter, files and folders, users, devices, links and shares … oh my. Introducing the theory of everything happening in your Sync account, or the events timeline for short.

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by Jason on July 14, 2016

Canadian Cloud Storage

Oh Canada, we’ve got your cloud compliance checklist checked.

In fact, simply by choosing Sync your organization will meet all federal and provincial data privacy laws and data residency regulations. From British Columbia’s FIPPA to New Brunswick’s PHIPAA (and every province and territory in between) Sync’s got your Canadian cloud storage compliance fully and completely covered.

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