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Does Sync have an affiliate, reseller, commission or rewards program?

Sync has partnered with ShareaSale to offer a rewards program which pays you generous commissions on all Pro referrals. As a Sync affiliate you’ll get special banners and web links that direct to our website. When people click through these links and purchase a Sync plan, you’ll get commission on the sale. You can send the links to clients, customers, friends or family via email and social media, or post the links directly on your website or Blog.

Sync pays a 50%, one-time commission on all paid orders, to a maximum of $150.

Here are some examples:

  • Sync pays affiliate $24.50 on a 500 GB Personal Pro plan
  • Sync pays affiliate $48.00 on a 2 TB Personal Pro plan
  • Sync pays affiliate $150.00 on a 5-user 1 TB Business Pro plan

Click here to signup and start earning commission today:

Here’s a walkthrough of the signup steps, and what to do after you’ve signed up:

Step 1.
Create a username and password for the ShareaSale website. You’ll use this username and password to log into the website as an affiliate, to get the Sync-branded banners and links that you can use to promote Sync, and access tools to manage your payment preferences, contact info and commission.

Step 2:
Some information about your website. Most of our affiliates promote Sync by placing banners on websites, or linking to Sync from content posted on Blogs. On this step you’ll need to tell us a little bit about your primary website, as it’s important that Sync is only promoted on high quality websites.

Step 3:
Provide your email address. Our Affiliate Manager may need to contact you from time to time, to let you know about new website banners and creative, as well as changes to the program.

Step 4:
Provide additional contact information. ShareaSale will send your commission payments to this address.

Step 5:
Choose how you want to be paid. The easiest option here is to select “Choose later …” as you can change the payment method at any time through the ShareaSale website. You may also have to agree to a terms of service to complete the application.

Once your application is completed it will be reviewed by our Affiliate Manager, and you’ll get an email when your ShareaSale account is approved and activated.

Step 6:
Once your account is approved you will log into the website as an affiliate, get the Sync banner code or links, which you can then embed into your own website.

  • Whenever you mention Sync be sure to use the links or banners provided by ShareaSale.
  • Whenever someone clicks through those links or banners, and purchases a Sync PRO plan, you’ll get commission.


Can I resell Sync?

Yes, you can resell Sync through our ShareaSale affiliate program (as described above), or if you are an IT Consultant or IT Company, you can “bundle” Sync by purchasing a Business Pro plan. With Business Pro you get an administrative console to add and remove (provision) Sync Pro accounts for your customers, and all billing for these accounts will go through you (which would allow you to bundle or bill your customers a different amount, whatever you agree to).

Can I refer myself?

No, commissions are only available on new Sync Pro signups referred by your account. You cannot refer yourself.


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