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Access your files from anywhere

Acess your files remotely work from home

Work securely from the most idea-inspiring places on the planet.

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Acess your files remotely work from home

Everything you need to work remotely with ease

Offline access

Going off the grid? With offline access you can work without wi-fi or the Internet, and when you go back online, your files will automatically sync up. Work from truly anywhere.

Access your files from all your devices

With Sync your files are always available from all your devices, with desktop apps for Windows and Mac, mobile apps for iOS and Android, and web access from any browser.

Keep your remote teams fully connected

Sync makes it easy to keep your internal and external teams connected, so no matter where your team is located, everyone will always be up-to-date and working on the same page.

Keep your personal files and work files separate

Work from home without bringing your home to work. With Sync your clients will never see your cat photos, and your cats will never see confidential client data.

See what's happening in real time

Get complete oversight with activity logs, notifications and insights that track changes and keep you up-to-date, no matter where you're working from.

Bring enteprise-grade security to your home

Sync includes groundbreaking privacy protection features, enterprise grade infrastructure and certification with the most widely accepted security and privacy regulations worldwide. Even when working from home.

Empower your remote teams to get work done

Empower your remote teams to get work done

Working from home, virtual offices, or the myriad of hybrid work locations that have taken hold just got a whole lot easier. The future is flexible, and so is Sync! Because with Sync your files and folders automatically update in real time, no matter where you are.

For your remote teams Sync includes features built for collaboration at a distance. This means that everyone is always connected and up-to-date, no matter how close or how far they are. Sync makes navigating different locations, time zones and schedules easy, because everyone always has access to the latest files.

Empower your remote teams to work together with Sync.

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