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Release notes: live editing, link unfurling, app updates, and more!

April 22, 2024

Team Lead at Sync

Sync cloud storage release notes

Welcome to a Sync release note extravaganza, where we ignite your synapses with the latest and greatest of everything in Sync.

Collaborate easier with live editing on links

Gone are the days of one-way link sharing. With our all-new Collaborative Links feature, everyone you share with can contribute their brilliance in real-time, and it all syncs back to you.

Screenshot showing multiple people editing the same document together in real-time

Give your recipients instant editing super-powers by enabling edit permissions on shared links. We’ve integrated Microsoft’s Office 365 editor to provide a best-in-class web editing experience for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. You’ll see what others are typing live as it happens, and they will see you too. All of this adds up to a brilliant team building experience for all. Discover more benefits here.

Improve your form and function with inline link previews

TIL that an “unfurl” is the handy inline preview you see when you paste a link into just about any app. With this update we’ve been flexing our “unfurling” know-how to give you link previews that display exquisite form and function.

Image of unfurled Sync link with icon and file name

Paste a link in Slack, Trello, or your productivity app-du-jour, and you’ll see an instant inline preview with your file name and icon on full display. Share a link on social media and your audience will get a glimpse of what you’ve shared, without having to open anything. This additional context speeds up workflows and builds trust. It also makes Sync easier to use with the apps you know and love.

And this is just the beginning. Replacing those file icons with full file previews is next on our roadmap!

Desktop apps

Earlier this year we switched to a rapid release schedule to get performance improvements onto your desktop faster. The latest version fixes pausing issues and provides more robust syncing in all scenarios. Look for an auto-update notification in your Sync app, or get the update right here right now.

CloudFiles for Windows has been updated with all the latest 2-series fixes, plus additional improvements to make it our best files-on-demand app yet. Get the update here.

Mobile apps

Thanks to feedback from you, our iOS Files app integration is now better than ever, and issues related to opening images have been resolved. In addition, we are testing an in-app rating system on Android, giving you a chance to let us know how we are doing. But you don’t have to wait to give us feedback. Contact us any time.

South by Southwest

We wanted to thank everyone that came out to meet us at #SXSW last month. It was so great to speak with all of you “live”, and so great to introduce Sync cloud storage to the thousands that attended the show. attending South by Southwest

Get involved

Want to help make Sync even better? We’re looking for beta testers to give us feedback on our next-gen apps. Let us know.

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