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Play Without Delay: Introducing Mobile App Video Streaming

August 22, 2022

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Sync in-app streaming.

Sync has always been the perfect place to keep all your videos securely backed up, and it just got even better! The Sync iOS and Android apps now support instant video streaming. Watch your videos on demand without waiting to download them first. With just a tap, re-live all your favorite memories—wins, fails, cats, dogs, kids, ducks, weddings, home videos, security footage, and just about any other moment you’ve saved to Sync. All in no time flat.

Sync in-app video streaming.

The reel details

Here’s everything you need to know about this fabulous feature at the time of release:

  • Available on all Sync Pro plans
  • Stream audio and video files
  • Play from the Sync folder and Vault
  • No transcoding, streams the original full-size file
  • Manage playback speed

Read the supported formats help article for more information on what you can play and how it works.

Start streaming today

Upgrade to Sync Pro to experience video streaming on mobile, and get a 30-day money-back guarantee to test it all out.

If you’ve already got Sync Pro be sure install the Sync iOS and Android apps for your phone or tablet right now. Update 3.0.8 is rolling out to everyone with the app installed. Play without delay every glorious memory…especially those dozens of adorable cat videos you’ve dedicated so much space to.

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