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Release notes: faster app, duplicate files, SOC 3, and more

June 20, 2023

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Welcome to Sync’s release notes, where we once again prove that advanced technology is indeed equivalent to magic! Now with a much faster desktop app, the ability to duplicate files, SOC 3, and more. There are a lot of magical technological advancements to dig into. Here we go…

Sync faster with the ultimate desktop app

We’ve rebuilt the Sync desktop app to run faster with large-scale file sets and massive file sizes. Our latest desktop release makes getting your best work done significantly easier, whether you’ve got megabytes, gigabytes, or terabytes of data. Get the new app right now →

Work faster by duplicating your files

Copy that! Duplicate a file right into the same folder on the web. Get new projects started faster by duplicating your existing documents. Because we’re all about replicating success, and we love a good dupe! Try it now →

Duplicate files

See who you’re sharing folders with 

Share folder management is now picture-perfect with full support for Sync profile pictures. Quickly see who you’re sharing with and manage it all so much easier. Add a face to your name by adding your own profile picture →

Verify security with SOC 3


System and Organization Controls (SOC) is the most widely-recognized framework for auditing security best practices in a standardized way. All Sync plans are SOC compliant, and the latest version of our SOC 3 report is out. Read it here →

Links are more polite

$!&#@! No inappropriate words here! Just like how there are no more randomly generated bad words in Sync link URLs. Because yes, that was a thing that was reported and is now fixed!

Help shape the future

We are powered by you. Have a feature request you’d love to see? Let us know →

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