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Sync 1.1.9 desktop apps available

by Jason on January 10, 2017


We’ve just released version 1.1.9 of the Sync desktop app, for both Windows and Mac OS X.

If you’re already running Sync, click the Sync icon in your menu bar or system tray and the upgrade option should be visible. Otherwise, you can upgrade by downloading and installing the app directly.

Need help? Step-by-step instructions here, or contact us.

What’s new?

Version 1.1.9-f8/f9

  • NEW: Desktop notifications on remotely edited files. If multiple collaborators are editing the same file simultaneously, Sync will notify all collaborators whenever someone saves an edit, rather than overwriting the local file, or immediately creating a conflict file.
  • NEW: Direct link to Events activity feed from the desktop app dropdown menu
  • NEW: macOS Sierra fully supported
  • NEW: Agent will backfill missing image thumbnails (JPG, GIF, PNG)
  • FIXED: Significant improvements to networking. Improved network performance on high latency connections, improved handling of network errors, and improved failover routines
  • FIXED: Improvements to mitigate delayed syncing across shared folders
  • FIXED: Improvements to mitigate syncing issues when renaming deeply nested shared folders
  • FIXED: Improved performance and reliability when deleting deeply nested folders
  • FIXED: Improved recovery from partial downloads
  • FIXED: Preserve selective sync settings on upgrade and recovery
  • FIXED: OS X .plist info file contains latest version number
  • FIXED: New signing certificate for Microsoft Windows installer
  • FIXED: Improved integrity checks during upgrade
  • FIXED: Unicode character display on notifications and progress tab
  • FIXED: Reduced installer size from 23mb to 10mb (OS X and Windows)
  • FIXED: Windows registry namespace relating to file icon overlays to avoid compatibility issues with other cloud services
  • FIXED: Check that sufficient space is available before beginning a “move sync folder” operation.
  • FIXED: High performance GPU CPU load issues with some Macbook Pros
  • MISC: .lnk and Mac alias files are no longer excluded.
  • MISC: Various under-the-hood bug fixes and performance optimizations

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