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Keep Tabs on your Files with Sync’s Events Timeline

July 19, 2016

Team Lead at Sync

Sync Events timeline.

Imagine a world in which you had absolute knowledge of every single event happening around you. A real-time data feed wired directly into your brain, reconciling time and space, mind and matter, files and folders, users, devices, links and shares … oh my. Introducing the theory of everything happening in your Sync account, or the events timeline for short.

Knowledge is power

No more guessing. The events timeline gives you a clear, chronological view of every file, user, share and device action that’s ever happened in your Sync folder or Vault. From recent file updates to shared user activity, you’ve now got a real-time insights and data feed to keep your syncing in check and your consciousness enlightened.

Easy access to recent files

The timeline isn’t just for looking. You can open files right from there too. Events are sorted newest first, making it easy to jump into files and folders that you’ve just added or accessed. No more deep dives into complex folder structures just to get to your latest work.

Stay up-to-date on share activity

The events timeline makes document sharing and collaboration much easier because you can track who’s making changes to your files, and when – all in real-time. Add the events timeline to your workflow and your team’s productivity will collectively reach maximum potential in no time.

Since launching, we’ve even expanded this feature to be accessed on our mobile apps and on desktop apps too, so you’ll have these records no matter how or where you use Sync.

This level of insight is extremely valuable when you’re collaborating with clients, customers, or coworkers. Staying in the loop is key.

What’s in the Vault?

Yes, the events timeline is also wired into the Vault. You can now verify that files and folders you’ve moved or copied to the Vault are actually in the Vault, without manually checking. The absoluteness of this knowledge will make your brain tingle with delight.

Account auditing when you need it

Every file, user, share and device action associated with your account is logged, and readily available when you need it. Each entry shows:

  • The name of the user where applicable
  • The action (file user, share or device action)
  • The date and time when the action occurred
  • Details page with additional information

Events are zero-knowledge encrypted which means only you have access to the meta data associated with each event. We can’t read your events.

30 day history for free users, up to 365 days history for PRO

In our quest to make absolute knowledge a reality, we’ve decided to make the events timeline available to all Sync users. You get 30 days history if you’re a free user, and up to 365 days history if you’re on PRO. This is useful for retrieving accidentally deleted files. You can easily rewind that action by selecting it from the events timeline.

Check out your events timeline right now:

Last updated: Jan 21, 2021

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