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The mobile app update you’ve been waiting for is here!

by Jason on September 7, 2017


If you’ve been using Sync on your phone or tablet you’re about to get a productivity mega boost. We’ve just launched brand new apps for iOS and Android – fully loaded with shiny new features designed to make syncing on mobile easier, faster and better than ever. Keep reading to learn more.

The need for speed

You’ll immediately notice much smoother scrolling and improved responsiveness when navigating through your files and folders.

Uploaders rejoice

You can now take advantage of multi-select to upload multiple images or files from your gallery or other apps, and even better, automatic camera upload now supports video!

Sharing unlimited

Sending files just got easier with the new links tab, allowing you to create and share links to any file or folder directly from the app. Pro users can also manage expiry dates, notifications, download limits and more.


Much much more …

  • Smoother scrolling and faster navigation
  • Multi-select upload support
  • Video support for automatic camera upload
  • Create, manage and share links directly from the app
  • New folder sorting options
  • New folder gallery view
  • Ability to log out / log in without uninstalling
  • Ability to manage cache storage space
  • Improved integration with 3rd party apps such as Microsoft Office for mobile
  • Improved automatic camera upload settings and performance
  • Improved shared folder support
  • Download local (Android)
  • Hundreds of bug fixes

Available right now

The new mobile apps will auto-update to version 2.0.x. If you haven’t yet installed Sync on your mobile device now is definitely the time to do so.

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