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Your Data in Sync is Protected from Loss – Here’s How

March 17, 2021

Team Lead at Sync

Your Data in Sync is Protected from Loss

Your business is mission-critical, and you simply cannot afford downtime due to data loss. Local, on-premise storage solutions may be part of your 3-2-1 backup strategy, but with your production data residing in the cloud, your teams working remotely, and the exponential cost of scaling up reliably, how do you plan for disaster?

Good news: Sync’s got you covered

Data stored with Sync is protected from loss on multiple levels, with high density, fault tolerant, enterprise grade storage arrays, giving you much more than a simple 3-2-1 backup strategy. Beyond the hardware, regional data replication ensures your files are always accessible and available — even in the event of network outages, forces of nature, or the always inevitable human error. Sync delivers uncompromising data resiliency, durability, and reliability for your business with a fully scalable cloud storage solution built for peace of mind.

How your data in Sync is protected

The old adage that they don’t build things like they used to may be true for the myriad of free, consumer grade cloud storage services out there. But it’s quite the opposite when it comes to the enterprise grade cloud storage platform protecting your data in Sync.

Hardware failure

It’s a fact of life. Hardware eventually fails, and this is why a backup strategy for your data is so important. With Sync your data is mirrored across multiple RAID storage arrays, to protect against both controller and drive failure. This type of hardware redundancy makes it possible to hot swap out hardware experiencing partial or total failure, without any downtime to you.

And it doesn’t stop there. Partial failure such as magnetic decomposition can go unnoticed and proliferate through systems, regardless of how redundant your storage is. To preserve data integrity and mitigate decay due to bit rot, your files are periodically rewritten across storage arrays – providing long-term protection.

Location failover

Bare metal redundancy elevates availability and protects against the most common types of hardware failure, but it’s simply not enough to provide the resiliency, durability, and reliability your business needs for mission-critical success.

With Sync your data is replicated across multiple data centre locations right here in Canada, with automatic failover, to ensure that even in the event of catastrophic hardware failure, you can still access your files stored in the cloud. In a real-world scenario, region-based replication also ensures that scheduled system maintenance can happen, without any measurable downtime to you or your team.

Network redundancy

With your data stored in the cloud, network availability needs to be accounted for as well, because network blips resulting in extended outages that disrupt your business are simply not an option. Sync’s network topology is multi-homed, meaning your data is routed across multiple Tier 1 network providers with automatic failover. For you know, those times half the Internet “goes down”.

Scalable, in-house infrastructure

Sync’s storage platform is designed to scale with your business. Unlike most cloud providers that rely on, or resell third-party storage infrastructure, you can rest easy knowing that data storage with Sync is owned, operated, and engineered directly, in-house. This means that as your storage requirements grow, and regardless of unexpected surges in traffic, you can rely on Sync to deliver fast, performant data storage at scale, without increased costs or service quality reductions to you.

Scaling up exponentially, on demand, requires industry leading storage density and enterprise grade hardware – here again Sync delivers. Your data is stored on state-of-the-art storage arrays, including Seagate’s Exos JBOD SAS storage system, measured at the Petabyte level, and integrated directly with the apps and productivity tools your team uses every day to get the job done.

Security and compliance

In this day and age, data security and privacy are paramount to business success, as data loss due to security incidents and breaches can have an even longer lasting impact on your mission critical operations, compared to data loss due to hardware failure. With Sync your files stored in the cloud are protected by the most widely recognized security and privacy regulations in the world, including SOC Type-2, SSAE 16, GDPR, HIPAA, and PIPEDA. Beyond compliance, you’ll also benefit from industry leading access controls and encryption designed to protect your data from unauthorized access. Your data is safe with Sync.

Forces of nature

An article on data loss prevention wouldn’t be complete without addressing the elephant in the room: natural disasters. Not a herd of elephants rampaging through a data center, but rather extreme weather and geological events including snow, ice, hurricanes, tropical depressions, earthquakes, fire, and sub-zero temperatures. Thankfully, your data is replicated across multiple, regionally diverse data center locations, operating on separate power grids with automated failover, to protect against these exact types of weather events. Weather the storm easily with Sync.

Data loss should never be something you have to worry about, and with Sync on your side, you can reduce downtime, increase uptime, and ensure that your mission critical business gets the data resiliency, durability, and reliability you need. You’re safe with Sync.

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