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FireWatch Solutions offers corporate security and private investigation services that help protect those that do good. From countering human trafficking to locating international fugitives, they needed industry-leading cloud storage technology that offered the same level of security and privacy protection they deliver to their clients each and every day.

Protecting those that do good

Utilizing industry-leading technology to keep clients safe

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The Situation

A Sensitive Subject

Private investigations are, by nature, supposed to be private. The personally identifiable information collected and learned during an investigation is highly confidential and must be handled with care. For FireWatch Solutions, this meant using email to share files was not ideal. "We never felt fully comfortable sharing sensitive information over email," said FireWatch Solutions CEO and founder Brian von Kraus. Email didn’t provide the access controls and encryption features needed to keep their sensitive client data 100% secure. During an extensive investigation to locate a solution, FireWatch Solutions discovered Sync.

The Solution

Privacy Protected

With Sync, FireWatch Solutions keeps their confidential client data secure and private, even while using email. Instead of using insecure email attachments, they use Sync Links to send documents securely. Sync Links provide an extra layer of protection compared to email attachments including passwords, expiry dates, and the ability to revoke access even after clicking send. This allows the FireWatch Solutions investigation team to collaborate securely with law firms without worry of their sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. "We use Sync Links to support all of our private investigation work," von Kraus explained. "It’s easy for our investigations team to securely send background reports and location information to law firms."

Sync also provides real time data insights, giving their investigations team a complete record of when shared files are opened and by who. "The notification feature is so important because it ensures we are aware every time a client accesses a file," said von Kraus.

Finally, Sync keeps their data protected from unauthorized access in the cloud with enterprise-grade encryption. "We use Sync to encrypt and compartmentalize sensitive information," said von Kraus. "Because the secure storage of sensitive files is critical to protecting the privacy of all parties."

The Outcome

Feeling Secure

Protecting those that do good with industry-leading technology seemed like a complicated process until Firewatch Solutions switched to Sync. As von Kraus explained, "Sync was easy to learn, and we all feel so much better knowing that we’re storing and sharing sensitive client data safely."

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