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The Litowich Law team of family and estate lawyers deliver exceptional legal services in a modern and personalized way. As gatekeepers to vast amounts of confidential client data, they needed a secure cloud storage solution that would keep their data protected. Because protecting what’s most important is what Litowich Law does best.

Delivering exceptional legal services

Protecting what matters most

Improving people's lives

The Situation

Asset appeal

People seek legal counsel during extremely stressful times, which means making the legal process as stress free as possible should be a priority for any law firm. For Litowich Law, this meant providing easy and secure data access. But with the team situated in four states and two countries, the traditional way of exchanging data securely (on paper) just wasn’t an option. They needed a modern cloud storage solution that would make remote access easy while keeping sensitive and personal client data secure.

"We tried using a cloud-based file server solution called Tresorit to securely store our data," said founder Sarah Litowich. "It was far too complicated for our team and clients." The practice needed a better practice, and through extensive discovery, they found Sync.

The Solution

Cloud storage with conviction

Switching to Sync was stress-free for Litowich Law because they got the best of both worlds: easy data access with enterprise-grade data security. Sync’s end-to-end encrypted features ensure Litowich Law’s sensitive case files are protected from unauthorized access in the cloud. "Attorneys typically know more about their clients and finances than any other person, so data security is extremely important," explained Litowich. "Sync solves this for us."

And with the Sync desktop, mobile, and web apps, the Litowich Law team works securely from anywhere. Sync’s team shared folders feature makes virtual data rooms easy too, giving them real-time access to the latest client files and company resources. "Sync allows our team to work flexible hours from virtually any location, so that we can serve our clients with accountability and enthusiasm," Litowich stated.

Finally, Sync’s competitive pricing offers significant cost savings compared to the alternatives. "Sync is simple and less expensive than other solutions we tried. We love it," said Litowich.

The Outcome

Unanimous verdict

Just as Litowich Law guides their clients to effective resolutions, Sync has become an effective resolution for the firm. "Our ultimate goal is protecting what’s most important," explained Litowich. "Sync serves our mission to be an intentionally designed law firm that reinforces the humanity of our team."

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