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One Eleven Web Design builds beautiful, results-driven websites that help businesses grow. With a growing library of digital assets to maintain, and a growing number of clients to manage, they needed results-driven cloud storage that could grow with them.

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The Situation

Damaged digital assets

For creative agencies producing high quality digital assets, reliable file storage is a must. From concept to completion, digital marketing account managers, production teams, and clients all need access to the latest project files. Cloud storage offers an easy solution, but as OneEleven discovered, not all cloud storage providers deliver the same results.

"We tried all of the big three cloud providers, and all of them failed with file corruption, slow file transfers, and terrible customer support," explained Eric Vaughn, Founder at One Eleven. "Trying to work around those issues overwhelmed our team with extra work and left us feeling nervous about data loss." Looking for better results, One Eleven turned to Sync to reliably store their ever-growing library of digital assets.

The Solution

Pristine digital assets

Moving their files to Sync resulted in an immediate improvement for the One Eleven team. With the Sync desktop app and Team Folders feature, the entire One Eleven team has fast and easy access to their latest project files, without the file corruption. "We use Sync to keep all of our project files in sync across multiple workstations," said Vaughn. "It has been a game changer."

With Sync, file sharing and backups became easier too. Sync’s secure link feature makes client file sharing a breeze, and with Sync Vault, One Eleven has enough archival storage space to keep their data safe for years to come. "Giving clients access to download files is so easy with Sync," Vaughn explained. "And we routinely use Vault to archive data we no longer need regular access to. Which clears up valuable storage space on our computers!"

The Outcome

A valuable asset

With Sync reliably managing their files, the One Eleven team has more time to focus on what they do best: helping their clients grow. "I can’t see us using any cloud service other than Sync. The pricing is great, the service is exceptional, and the results have been fantastic," said Vaughn. "We can continue to grow without the fear of losing our data!"

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