Juan José Salazar is a professional music producer whose passion and expertise for all things audio has resulted in award-winning compositions for the BBC, Disney, Telemundo, the Discovery Network, and more. With a busy recording studio to manage, new artists to mentor, and music to make, he needed cloud storage that would inspire creativity without skipping a beat.

Composing award-winning original music

Recording with the very best equipment and software

Delivering 100% client satisfaction

The Situation

In tune with client needs

Creative inspiration doesn’t just happen from 9-5 in the studio. Those magical musical moments can strike anywhere, any time. And to capture it all, musicians need flexible tools that work with them. For Salazar, that meant finding a cloud storage solution that would make every recording session readily available from any computer or device. "My commitment and professionalism when I approach new clients is unmatched," said Salazar. "I need to be able to accommodate last-minute client requests easily from the studio and from home." Sync hit all the right notes.

The Solution

Keeping projects in harmony

With Sync in the mix, all of Salazar’s project files are readily available at any time from any device. Sync’s Mac Finder folder integration makes it easy for virtually any desktop recording app — from Logic Pro to Pro Tools — to save directly to the cloud in real time while recording. This gives Salazar’s workflows unmatched flexibility. "I can write, play, record, and produce new music in the studio, then go home, turn on my laptop, and voila—there’s the project I was working on," said Salazar. "It’s so satisfying."

That satisfaction is measurable on both the productivity and client happiness scale as well. "Sync is the most important service I use because it increases my productivity," said Salazar. "The backup, link sharing, iOS app, and collaboration features help me deliver 100% client satisfaction, from virtually anywhere."

The Outcome

Pitch perfect

Salazar’s passion for creating magical musical moments is clear, and Sync helps keep the recording process moving in perfect pitch. "I discovered music when I was 13 and I haven’t stopped writing and playing music since," said Salazar. "I can’t picture myself doing anything else and plan on doing this for years to come!"

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