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Venture Podcasting helps businesses like Nokia, Verizon, and PBS become industry leaders by building branded, revenue-generating podcasts. With a large-scale content pipeline to manage, and high-quality media production to deliver, they needed large-scale, industry-leading cloud storage that would set their clients up for success.

Helping clients generate quality leads

Taking businesses to the top of their game

Turning voice into value

The Situation

A precarious podcasting predicament

Building a successful podcast involves much more than simply recording audio. From production to post-production to launch and promotion, it takes time, effort, expertise, and of course, plenty of storage space. Venture Podcasting manages all of it for their clients, but they were running into storage woes their existing cloud storage provider could not solve.

"We were using Google Drive, but it didn’t work well with our massive audio and video production files," said Venture Podcasting founder Sam Hajighasem. "The 2 TB maximum storage capacity wasn’t enough." Like every production agency, the team at Venture Podcasting had deadlines to meet, and they couldn’t let their productivity tools slow them down. "Google Drive was stopping us from delivering the best client experience," said Hajighasem. To get their workflows back on track, they needed to produce another sound solution.

The Solution

Dynamic range

Switching to Sync immediately improved Venture Podcasting’s production workflows. With support for massive file sizes and unlimited storage space, all their media assets from Audacity to Adobe Premiere to Podbean are easily accommodated. "It’s a huge win. Not only do we store every podcast episode, but we also break each one into shorter social videos, which we store too. There’s room for all of it!" explained Hajighasem.

With the team sounding off from all around the world, Sync boosts their remote productivity. Production files are instantly accessible from any computer or mobile device, organized and up-to-date. Access from anywhere helps the team collaborate quicker and meet deadlines faster. "Our team is spread out over several time zones, and Sync allows us to access, share, and edit files hassle-free!" Hajighasem said.

Sync’s built-in secure link sharing feature helps Venture Podcasting deliver a better client experience. By sharing a file as a link, clients can review scripts, provide graphic assets, and leave comments, making the approval process easy. More importantly, link sharing supports large files, perfect for audio and video sharing. "Sync helps us make clients happy," said Hajighasem.

Finally, Sync gives Venture Podcasting a pricing advantage over the competition. They get more storage and more productivity features for less, putting money back in their pockets. "Sync’s pricing is right up our alley!" said Hajighasem.

The Outcome

Content with content

Venture Podcasting delivers client success by turning voice into value. "Our mission is to take our clients to the top, and Sync allows us to focus on doing just that," stated Hajighasem. "We’re creating killer podcasts, and we love having Sync on our team."

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