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All the Reasons to Drop Dropbox and Switch to Sync

June 16, 2021

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Drop Dropbox and get in Sync

August 2023 update: Need a fresh reason to drop Dropbox? In a recent announcement, Dropbox decided to end unlimited storage. Not to worry! You can still get unlimited storage with Sync!

It’s time to drop Dropbox and switch to Sync.

Whether it’s surprise price increases year after year, low grade customer service, or a complete disregard for the security and privacy of your data, your work shouldn’t be held back by your cloud storage provider. The good news is that you’re in the right place with Sync. And the thousands of businesses that have made the switch from Dropbox agree: Sync cloud storage is better, more affordable, and safer. So get your workflows moving again with a secure Dropbox alternative that works for you.

Predictable pricing to help your business grow

Dropbox has an unfortunate track record of raising prices astronomically on renewal, without warning, while offering very little in return. In fact, it seems inevitable that with Dropbox, you’ll soon become a target of their morally reprehensible bait-and-switch pricing tactics. Just look at the frustrated reactions from their own customers. Do you really want to place the success of your business in the hands of a cloud storage provider that holds your data hostage until you pay more?

By switching to Sync, you’ll get fair, customer-friendly pricing that doesn’t hold you hostage, and instead puts money back in your pocket. You’ll get immediate cost relief compared to Dropbox’s wildly expensive cost per GB. For example, a small business with 5 users can save hundreds of dollars per year, while getting similar features, more storage space, and no surprises. Sync has plans for individuals, businesses, and teams of all sizes, all of which provide fair and predictable pricing. If you’re scaling your business, predictable costs make planning ahead and balancing budgets easy. Who doesn’t want a better cloud for a better price?

an unhappy tweet about rising Dropbox prices.

Security and privacy that really does keep your business safe

It’s no secret that Dropbox is hostile to customer privacy, and with a history of significant security breaches exposing customer data, it’s clear that Dropbox is not fit to give you the peace of mind you deserve. The problem is that while Dropbox does encrypt your files, they do so in a way that gives them access without you knowing. Furthermore, from time to time, they may even share data with third parties. For businesses entrusted with confidential, private information, this makes storing files at Dropbox incredibly risky. Encryption is key (pun intended), but who do you trust with the keys?

Sync, however, was built with one mission in mind: to keep your data safe. Sync’s platform and apps include groundbreaking privacy-protection features designed to limit how much of your personal information we, or anyone else, can access. State-of-the-art security technologies and access control policies further safeguard your data. Additionally, Sync is certified compliant with the most widely accepted security and privacy regulations worldwide.

Get secure cloud storage and file sharing that respects your privacy. Take back control of your data.

a tweet about Dropbox's poor security.

Data loss protection 365 days of the year

Losing a file is the worst, right? In terms of data loss protection, Sync has your back like no other. With Sync, you get up to 365-days of file version history, deleted file recovery, and account rollback (as opposed to Dropbox’s paltry 180 days). This ensures that you can recover deleted files and previous versions of files in an instant. Plus, you can quickly recover from ransomware that would otherwise grind your workflows to a halt.

Furthermore, your data stored with Sync is protected from loss on multiple levels, with high density, fault tolerant, enterprise grade storage arrays giving you much more than a simple 3-2-1 backup strategy. Beyond the hardware, multiple data center redundancy ensures your files are always accessible and available.

For worry-free cloud storage and file sharing, Sync gives you total peace of mind. Never lose a file again!

a tweet about Dropbox losing a customer's files.

Complete Canadian compliance

For Canadian companies utilizing the cloud, storing client data on US soil can be risky business, as the United States does not provide any form of data privacy protection. It’s one of the reasons why Dropbox, an American company, can give themselves such easy access to your files—they don’t have to comply with Canada’s PIPEDA data privacy protection legislation.

When your data is stored in a foreign country, you lose sovereignty, which means there’s no protection from unauthorized access. Therefore, to protect your business, you should be storing your data in Canada whenever possible (and it’s even the law in British Columbia).

Sync is a truly Canadian cloud storage provider. By switching to Sync, your business will meet all Canadian federal and provincial data privacy laws and data residency regulations. From British Columbia’s FIPPA to New Brunswick’s PHIPAA (and every province and territory in between), Sync’s got your Canadian cloud storage compliance fully and completely covered.

Dropbox obviously cannot say the same, eh?

A happy tweet about Sync complying with Canada storage laws.

All the features you know and love

Just like Dropbox, Sync makes it easy to share and access your files from any computer, phone, or tablet. And with all of the familiar file sync, sharing, and backup features you need, there’ll be no disruptions to your workflows and no learning curve for your team. Thus, with all the productivity features you know and love in a super simple layout, you’ll be right at home with Sync.

Enjoy these great Sync features:

• Sync folder (just like the Dropbox folder)
• Access your files from any computer or device
• Desktop apps and File Explorer / Finder integration for Windows & Mac
• Files-on-demand (Dropbox SmartSync features)
• Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
• Web browser access
• Offline access
• Secure file sharing
• Secure shared folder collaboration
• Advanced share permissions
• File requests
• Selective sync
• Multi-user management
• Microsoft Office and Office 365 integration
• Custom branding
• 5 GB storage always free

A tweet about replacing Dropbox with Sync and getting the same features for a better price.

Best customer service

If you’re okay interacting with a Chatbot or waiting 3+ days for a reply, then Dropbox has the perfect customer support for you. Otherwise, if you’re looking for rapid response times from knowledgeable in-house customer service experts, then you really need to switch to Sync. You’ll always get dedicated, personalized customer service when you need it, even on weekends!

A tweet praising Sync's customer service.

Make the switch today

Sync takes what you know and like about Dropbox and simply does it better. More storage space, encrypted data, familiar features, and all for a better price! It’s no wonder that thousands of people have made the switch from Dropbox to Sync (and are raving about it). Plus, migration is easy too! Moving your files from Dropbox to Sync does not require a herculean effort. In fact, it’s as simple as point and click.

Take your cloud storage use to the next level and make the switch for yourself to the best option. Find the right plan for you so you can fall back in love with cloud storage that doesn’t hold you back. Get your workflows moving again with a secure Dropbox vs Sync alternative that works for you.

A tweet from someone who has made the switch to Sync and is happier.

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