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App Updates: Search, Recents, Update Notifications, and More …

March 25, 2020

Team Lead at Sync

App updates: Microsoft 365, mobile app enhancements and more.

Find your files easily with Search

Drumroll please…

Now you can use the Sync apps to locate your files, wherever they may be. Quickly find any file buried in your Sync folder or Vault with our all-new, super fantastic search features built right into the latest Sync desktop and mobile apps.

Start searching today!


Jump into your most recently updated files

We’ve redesigned the desktop app to give you quick access to your files that matter the most – recently added and updated files. We think this one single feature will super-charge your workflow, help you stay on top of current trends, and simplify your life.

There’s an update available

Starting with the latest version of the Sync desktop app, you’ll get an on-screen notification in your Windows system tray or Mac menu bar, whenever there’s a new version available, with options to update or dismiss. You’ll need to update your app to take advantage of this great new feature, so get updating right now.


Improved syncing

We’re committed to improving the performance of sync across large data sets. So much so that this year alone we’ve pushed out over 20 performance enhancing desktop and mobile app updates that make Sync a whole lot faster. If you haven’t yet updated your desktop app, now is the time to do so (here’s how), because we know that you’ve got the need for speed.

Also, you can follow all of our desktop app updates here.

A note about Covid-19

It’s safe to say that these are unprecedented times for all of us, and we wanted to provide a quick update. To encourage social distancing we’ve taken steps to empower all of our employees to work remotely while ensuring that we can continue to provide a stellar customer service experience. Sync helps teams work from anywhere, and we encourage anyone and everyone to use Sync to share, collaborate and work from home.

Stay safe, and thank you!


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