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Get Faster Feedback And Accelerated Approvals with File Comments

by Victoria Donovan on March 17, 2021

Get feedback in an instant speech bubbles.

Influencers will tell you not to read the comments, but we think different! When sharing documents and files with your clients, customers, and teams, having a space to communicate easily can improve productivity, close a deal, make approvals a breeze, answer questions, inspire new ideas, and simply get the job done.

Introducing File Comments On Shared Links

It’s here! You can now have full-fledged conversations on links. We know you’ve been asking for this feature, and we’re extremely excited to bring it to everyone—and we do mean everyone: file comments on shared links is now available on all Sync plans! Just like that, you and your team are on your way to a more collaborative, fast-paced workflow.

A screenshot of three people commenting on a shared PDF in Sync.

Fast Feedback

Now you can collect feedback on your work quickly and easily, as the people you share files with don’t have to switch platforms to respond. All comments stay there with the file and are readily available to you from Sync. It’s a spectacular time-saver.

Accelerated Approval

Have you got a proposal that needs client approval or a project plan that needs a sign-off from your supervisor? Getting approval on your work is also efficiently enhanced through comments. As a bonus, Pro Solo and Pro Teams Sync users can even allow anonymous comments, making this ideal for getting that quick approval on documents from clients who don’t have a Sync account.

Create Collaboration

With file comments, you and your team can get right to point by addressing those points to ponder right there in the file, and this means there’s now room for open conversation, and new, spur-of-the-moment ideas won’t be forgotten. Ensuring that everyone is on the same page (literally and figuratively!) creates healthy working relationships and improves productivity.

And to make commenting even more personal, you can add a profile picture to your Sync account to personalize your comments and enhance your conversations.

This fantastic new Sync feature is already enabled on your shared links, so go forth and comment!

Reach Your Full Sync Potential

We’re constantly improving and adding new features to make Sync as easy to use and as synchronized as possible. Make sure you’re updating your desktop and mobile apps so things are running smoothly, and you can always upgrade your Sync account to unlock more exciting features. We have a plan that’s perfect for you!

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