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Keep your Files Safe with Sync Vault

June 29, 2016

Team Lead at Sync

Sync Vault.

Have you got files you want backed up to the cloud, but not necessarily synced to all of your other computers and devices? If so you’ll want to check out Sync Vault: your super-safe cloud-only file storage.

What goes in the Vault, stays in the Vault

With Sync Vault you can copy a single file or thousands of files and folders from your computer to the cloud with a single click. And the files you place in the cloud will stay in the cloud (until you choose to restore them back to your computer). No syncing here.

Copy that

Sync Vault is integrated with your Windows or Mac desktop, making it super-easy to use. Simply right-click a file or folder and away you go. Right-click-copy-to-vault works with any file or folder outside your Sync folder, and even works with files on external drives.

Copy to Vault

You’ll need the latest 1.1.8 series desktop app update to copy-to-vault.

Move it and shake it

Of course if you want to move or copy files from your Sync folder to Sync Vault you can do that too – using the web panel.

Move to Vault Web Panel

Preview and restore

You can quickly access Sync Vault from the web panel or mobile apps, giving you easy access to preview your archived files and restore them back to your computer at any time. And best of all, Sync Vault plays nice with all of Sync’s disaster recovery features, including file revision history and deleted file recovery.

Vault Mobile Access

Top 5 reasons to use Sync Vault

  1. Protect your files from disaster
  2. Free up space on all your computers and devices
  3. Archive important documents in a safe place
  4. Easily copy files from your external drives to the cloud
  5. Use with upload enabled links to create a file drop in the cloud

Have a look at our Sync Vault step-by-step tutorial to get started.

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