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Request files easily with upload enabled links

by Jason on July 6, 2016

Introducing upload enabled links

Getting files from other people just got a whole lot easier thanks to Sync’s upload enabled links. Simply send out a link, sit back, and watch as files get added to your Sync folder or Vault. With upload enabled links anyone can quickly send you files – no Sync account required!

Request files from anyone

You can request files from anyone simply by sending them a link, and they’ll be able to easily send you one, or hundreds of files immediately – no Sync account or app installation required.

Request files from anyoneLarge files no problem

Sending large files with email attachments has always been a pain. With Sync’s upload enabled links sending large files is pure joy. Whether its documents from a client or coworker, videos from friends and family, or collaboration in the classroom, you’ll never have to wrestle with email attachments again. In fact, with upload enabled links there are absolutely no file size restrictions at all.

Secure and private

Upload enabled links support enhanced privacy for a truly secure and privacy file request experience. Only you have access to the files people send you because they’re being sent directly to your Sync folder or Vault, with all of Sync’s local encryption goodness built right in.

Public or private, passwords, expiry dates, and notifications too

You have total control over the visibility of the files being uploaded to your links, as well as who has access, with passwords, expiry dates, and public or private visibility controls. And get email notifications too, whenever someone adds a file.

Upload enabled links settings

The possibilities are endless

  • Request files from a group of people and control whether or not the group can see each other’s files
  • Send out a business proposal request and add an expiry date and time to the submission process
  • Quickly send and receive documents from clients and coworkers
  • Request photos and videos from friends and family
  • Collaborate on assignments in the classroom
  • Keep your file requests really private by adding a password

Upload enabled links are available right now for all Sync PRO users.

Have a look at our step-by-step tutorial to get started.

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