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Supercharge your Trello Boards with Sync

April 8, 2021

Content Specialist at Sync

Use Sync with Trello

Trello is a wonderful task management tool that helps keep projects organized and on track. In fact, Trello’s Kanban-style boards, to-do lists, and card attachments keep our own editorial team on the same page with fantastic results: work gets done faster. But did you know that Sync can make your Trello experience even better?

Sync supercharges your Trello cards with better document previews, live attachments, instant notifications, large file size attachments, and improved access controls and compliance. All in the name of project management bliss.

Here’s how:

Don’t attach your files and documents directly to your Trello cards. Instead, attach them using Sync links. By doing so you’ll unlock productivity upgrades to help your team reach the finish line ahead of time.

Better document previews

Have you noticed that sometimes the documents you attach to your Trello cards don’t open? If you’ve been previewing blanks, you’re not alone, and here’s where Sync can help. By attaching documents as Sync links, your team will get a perfect preview, every time.

Live attachments

When you attach a document to a Trello card, its fate is sealed as it can no longer be changed—or so you thought! Sync adds next-level functionality to your Trello workflow by making it possible to live edit attachments after they’ve been attached. Dot an I, cross a T, or change the fate of the entire universe, on any attachment, while your team is looking.

Instant notifications

How do you know if a Trello attachment has been downloaded or viewed? Well, with Trello you don’t. But with Trello and Sync working together you do! By enabling email notifications on your Sync links, you’ll get an instant update whenever your attachment on Trello is viewed. And all views are recorded in your Sync event audit log, making it easier to keep track of everything.

Large file size attachments

Trello has a maximum file size limit of 10 MB for free and 250 MB for paid plans, which, when working with large files, limits team productivity. So how do you attach those really big project files and folders to your Trello cards? Sync provides super-sized attachment capabilities so you can attach large files and folders easily, setting up your projects for super-sized success.

Improved access controls and compliance

Attaching your documents and files directly to a Trello Card can be a data privacy compliance nightmare. From a data proliferation perspective, having multiple copies of a document stored on your computer, on Trello, and potentially on each team member’s computer can throw your organization out of compliance. In terms of the GDPR or HIPAA, attaching documents to Trello might even be a non-starter without updating your own policies and informing your clients and customers first.

Here’s where using Sync with Trello can help. By attaching your documents to Trello using Sync links, you’re not creating a separate copy stored on Trello. The document is always stored with Sync. And by keeping your attachments in Sync you can easily restrict downloads, control access, and revoke access anytime. Even if you no longer have access to Trello.

The best of both worlds

Trello is an amazing project management tool that can be made even more amazing with Sync. By attaching your documents and files to Trello cards using Sync links, you’ll unlock new productivity and compliance features that can supercharge your project management skills and fast-forward your team to success. True project management bliss. Learn more.

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