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Attaching Documents in Sync to Trello

Trello is a Kanban style project management tool that makes it easy to organize tasks into lists. You can easily attach your documents, folders and files stored in Sync to a Trello Card using Sync Links. The benefits of using Sync with Trello include:

  • Sync-powered document previews
  • Make changes to attachments, after they’ve been attached
  • Get notifications on attachment views
  • Attach large files and folders
  • Add access controls to attachments
  • Better data privacy, security and compliance

Attaching a document in Sync to a Trello Card

  1. Create a link to a document, file or folder stored in Sync. If you’ve got the Sync desktop app installed on your computer, you can right click the document on your desktop to create a link.
  2. From within Trello, open a Trello Card.
  3. On the Trello Card click Add An Attachment.
  4. From the attachment popup paste your Sync Link into the Attach a Link field.
  5. Click Attach.

By attaching your documents to Trello using Sync Links, you’re not creating a separate copy stored on Trello. The document is always stored and previewed with Sync. And by keeping your attachments in Sync you can restrict downloads, control access, enable notifications and revoke access anytime. Even if you no longer have access to Trello.


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