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Unlock Your Full Potential with the Sync Folder

January 27, 2022

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Sync folder.

Thomas Edison once said that “if we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” So in this day and age of astounding technological innovation that Edison himself could have only dreamt of, what’s holding us back?

Technology plays a large part in our lives, yet it turns out that it’s the tech that could be holding us back. Studies have shown that bad tech reduces productivity and stifles creativity by up to 37%. Looking for your next lightbulb moment? You need the best tech to make it happen. You need the Sync folder.

What is the Sync folder?

The Sync folder is the special folder you get on your computer when you install the Sync desktop app. At first glance, it looks like all those other folders on your computer, but it’s so much more. It’s a modern-day technological wonder that boosts productivity and inspires creativity. It’s astounding.

Here’s what the Sync folder can do for you:

Keep your files always backed up

How do you make sure your next big idea is always backed up? Easy. Just make sure you’re working from the Sync folder. When your documents and files are saved to Sync, they’re always safe from disaster. Restore a deleted file anytime. Preview and recover previous versions of any file. Never lose a file again. Regular folders don’t give you this level of protection and peace of mind. The Sync folder does.

Enable sharing and collaboration

Productive sharing and collaboration shouldn’t be a hurdle, and with the Sync Folder, it isn’t. Via a simple right-click, easily share your files and folders with anyone. And features like view only, expiry dates, and passwords bring people together in ways your other folders simply do not.

The Sync folder enables true collaboration. You and your team can work from the same folder and edit the same files simultaneously. Every change is updated and synced in real-time to everyone’s computer or mobile devices. And with everyone in Sync, your capabilities will be limitless.

Maintain data privacy compliance

If you work in a highly regulated industry, the Sync folder has your back like no other. With HIPAA, GDPR, and PIPEDA compliance options, strong encryption, and access controls, your sensitive and confidential data is fully protected from unauthorized access in the cloud. Got an Edison versus Tesla rivalry underway? Keep your data safe from prying eyes with Sync.

Access from anywhere

Don’t you wish you could access all those files on your computer from your phone? Well, with the Sync folder, you can. Seamlessly access all your work from any mobile device, computer, or web browser and from any location, anywhere on the planet! Be on-the-go and in sync whenever an idea strikes!

one sync folder to rule them all.

Start astounding yourself today

We can only imagine what Edison could have done with the game-changing productivity features built into the Sync folder. You, on the other hand, don’t have to imagine. Start working out of your Sync folder today. Unlock your full potential and get your best work done.

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