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  • Inc.
  • Founded: October 2011
  • Location: Encrypted data is stored at headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Privately held.

Sync began with a simple idea: Everyone should be able to enjoy cloud storage without giving up their privacy. We built Sync for us.

We ourselves wanted a convenient way to store and share our important files. Trouble was, that meant giving third-party service providers full access to our data. Easy-to-use cloud services were insecure; Secure options were complex and impossible to use.

We thought there was a better way.

We built Sync so we could enjoy the simplicity and convenience of the cloud. It's designed for everyone -- organizations and individuals with valuable files.

Work from Anywhere

  • Everything in your Sync folder is encrypted and kept safe.
  • Keep track of revisions. Recover previous versions of your files that you or your team are working on.
  • Available everywhere you are. Access your data from Windows, Mac, web and mobile.

Secure Sharing

  • Shared folders let you allow access to a team of people for instant and easy collaboration.
  • Send a secure link to any file or folder for anyone to access

Private and Safe

  • Our unique "zero knowledge" storage environment ensures that only you have access to your data.
  • Files are encrypted before they leave your computer using a key we can never see.

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Sync provides desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and a web app for all web browsers.

Sync's desktop app for Windows includes File Explorer integration with notifications, status overlays and task bar access.

Sync's desktop app for Mac OS X includes Finder integration with notifications, status overlays and menu bar access.

Sync's web app provides secure file access from virtually any web browser.

Sync's web app includes secure image and PDF previews, as well as the ability to download and share any type of file.

Sync Pro includes advanced user adminstration and sharing controls, perfect for secure file collaboration in a business environment.


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