Your privacy, guaranteed.

Most cloud storage providers differ from Sync because they can access, scan and read your files. Sync's zero-knowledge storage platform ensures only you can access your data. We can’t read your files - your privacy guaranteed.

How do we protect your privacy?

Zero-knowledge encryption
"Zero-knowledge" means we absolutely cannot access the encrypted data stored on our servers. Your data is completely safeguarded from unauthorized access, which is the only way you can completely trust the cloud. Protecting your right to privacy is our passion.
  • End-to-end, client-side encryption on all your files, in transit and at rest
  • Only you have access to the encryption keys
  • We don't store your password - it's never transmitted to us
  • File meta-data is also encrypted and only accessible by you

Read our technical privacy white paper

Transparent terms of service
We provide an easy-to-read terms of service and privacy policy based on Canada's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, or PIPEDA, that outlines how we collect and use your information when you use our website, software, and services.
  • We will never access, scan or share your data (technically we can't)
  • We will never sell your personal data (we don't even ask for it during signup)
  • We do not claim ownership of your data

Data privacy compliance
For businesses storing sensitive or personal information in the cloud, meeting data privacy compliance is a requirement. Sync makes compliance with the most widely accepted standards and regulations easy.
  • US - HIPAA compliance as a Business Associate
  • 100% Canadian (not subject to the US Patriot Act)
  • Data is transmitted from, and stored at rest in Canada

Security and control
Your data is stored in world-class, security hardened, access controlled environments.
  • 2048 bit RSA, 256 bit AES, SSL and TLS encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Deletion recovery and file version history
  • Remote wipe and remote device lockout
  • Share controls, permissions and user administration
  • SOC-1 certified datacentres with security audits by KPMG

Ease of use
Sync is intuitive and easy to use. If you're familiar with the cloud you'll be right at home with Sync, and if you're just getting started you'll be protecting your data in no time. Zero-knowledge encryption is seamlessly baked into everything we do, which means that your data will be safe, secure and 100% private, simply by using Sync.

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