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A secure, Canadian Dropbox alternative

January 22, 2015

Team Lead at Sync

Here at Sync it’s no secret that we’re on a mission to offer a truly private and secure alternative to Dropbox. I mean, that’s why we built Sync in the first place. For businesses that store sensitive or confidential information in the cloud Dropbox should be a non-starter. The reason being: they can read your files.


Whether it’s a customer service rep, or a “trusted” third-party partner, Dropbox makes no qualms about the fact that they routinely access, scan and even share your data. It’s all part of an oppressive mentality that’s deeply ingrained in their terms of service, and appears to filter top-down from their board of directors.

If that alone wasn’t reason enough to #dropdropbox, there’s also the litany of business compliance issues related to the fact that Dropbox stores your data exclusively on United States soil. The Patriot Act was never meant to stifle business but somehow applies.

Enter – your private Dropbox alternative

From a feature perspective Sync is very similar to Dropbox, offering the same rock-solid file syncing, sharing, and backup capabilities that you would expect to get from any business-class cloud service provider. Sync is easy to setup and easy to use.

From a privacy perspective Sync is the polar opposite of Dropbox. Everything we do begins and ends with protecting your privacy in the cloud. Privacy protection is built into all of the features we offer: we can’t read your files!

With greater privacy comes greater security

With Sync your files are always encrypted in the cloud, and only you have access to the encryption keys (those other cloud providers keep a copy of your keys). We don’t store your passwords, and our customer service reps get along just fine without the ability to sneak a peek at your stuff. Have a look at our privacy whitepaper for a technical overview if you’re keen on the details.

Sync offers HIPAA data-privacy compliance for US healthcare providers, and complies with all Canadian privacy legislation, including PIPEDA, PIPA and FIPPA (British Columbia and Alberta take note). Furthermore, Sync stores all data on Canadian soil, ensuring that your sensitive and confidential business documents in the cloud are not subject to US law, no matter where in the world you’re from.

What does this all mean?

It means that your data is safe with Sync
– a completely private Canadian Dropbox alternative.

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