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All the Reasons to DeGoogle Your Life and Switch to Sync

February 15, 2023

Team Lead at Sync

Google Drive alternative

Google is so prevalent that its name is both a noun and a verb. But is google it necessarily a good thing? Back in 2002, the answer was a resounding yes: the verb google was chosen as a word of the year by the American Dialect Society, second only to weapons of mass destruction

Fast-forward to present day and there’s a new verb to consider: deGoogle. It’s the act of ridding yourself of all things Google. Advocates of the deGoogle movement argue that Google has become a sort of weapon of mass destruction in our personal lives. Here’s why:

  • Google knows too much about us. From location history to doorbell cams to all the topics we search, everything is tracked and recorded as a data point.
  • Google uses this data to monetize us. This means we are the product, not the customer, sometimes even when we pay.
  • Google works with the government as part of the PRISM surveillance program, which means they may share personal data without consent.

For the record, Google has some great products, and they certainly changed the world by making access to information easier. But in modern times, we wish googling did even more good. Until then, deGoogle whenever you can.

Switching from Google Drive to Sync cloud storage is an easy first step because you get more features and better data privacy protection for less. So take a stand and get in sync for the win. Now that’s a verb we recommend.

Lower cost of ownership

Pricing is a no-win situation when it comes to Google because even if you purchase a product, they monetize you. Got an Android device? Turn off location history right now to stop at least some of the monetization madness.

Beyond blurring the lines between product and customer, Google Drive cloud storage is simply too expensive! Compare Google’s Business Starter plan at $6 per user, for a paltry 30 GB of storage space. Hardly enough room for more than a few video files. For the same price, Sync gives you 1,000 GB of storage space. Furthermore, if you have large-scale storage requirements, Google maxes out at $18 per user for 5 TB. Compare that to $15 per user for unlimited storage space with Sync.

More storage for less. DeGoogle your cloud storage and save!

And while we’re talking about cost, ask yourself: at what cost would you give up your right to privacy? Sync includes better privacy protection on every plan. Priceless.

Sync is More Cost Effective

Better data privacy protection

Google has such a bad track record when it comes to protecting user privacy there’s a lengthy Wikipedia article on the subject. To save you the 30 minute read, the gist is that Google collects far more personal data than anyone could ever imagine. Worse, it’s not always clear who has access, and what all that data is used for. What we do know is that they collect at least 40 data points, including:

  • Documents you store in the cloud
  • App usage
  • Search history
  • Interactions with ads
  • Your emails
  • Videos you watch
  • Where you’ve been (your GPS location data)
  • Information about other devices near you

Add it all up and Google knows more about you than you do, and by default, all that data is saved indefinitely. Sync on the other hand has a great track record when it comes to protecting user privacy. We do everything in our power to limit how much we know about you:

  • Documents in the cloud are protected from unauthorized access
  • App usage is not tracked
  • Personal data is never monetized
  • You are a valued customer (not a product)
  • You have the right to be forgotten
  • Sync is certified compliant with the most widely accepted data privacy regulations worldwide

Surely that’s reason enough to deGoogle your documents and files. Switch to secure cloud storage and file sharing that respects your privacy and take back control of your data.

Better Interface Compared to Google Drive

Don’t let your files end up in the Google Graveyard

Yes, the Google Graveyard is real. It’s a scary-long list of hundreds of discontinued Google products and services. As consumers, we want to believe that established brands like Google are the safest bet because they’re too big to fail. But when it comes to Google, it seems like there are more failures than wins.

From Google’s Picasa cloud storage for photos that shuttered after 13 years, to Google+ and Stadia, it’s hard to ignore the reality that Google’s primary business is not cloud storage. With such an astounding track record of failure, putting your trust in Google for the long haul seems like a risky endeavour.

At Sync, we specialize in one thing: secure cloud storage. We’re committed to providing a safe space for you to store, access, and share your files. Trust the specialists to keep your files safe and secure in the cloud long-term.

Google Graveyard

Data loss protection 365 days of the year

Accidents happen. You delete a file. A collaborator overwrites your work. Your computer kicks the bucket. You get hit by ransomware. Stuff happens, and with Sync you get up to 365 days of file version history, deleted file recovery, and account rollback with unlimited revisions. With Google, you get 30 days max, and then your files are gone forever.

For worry-free cloud storage, Sync gives you complete peace of mind. Never lose a file again!

Complete Canadian compliance

For Canadians storing documents and files in the cloud, data residency is an important consideration. Because when your data is stored outside of Canada, it becomes subject to foreign law. Unlike Canada, the United States does not have any form of data privacy protection, and that’s one of the reasons why Google has such easy access to your data. They don’t have to comply with Canada’s PIPEDA data privacy legislation.

Choosing Sync means you’re choosing a truly Canadian cloud storage provider. From British Columbia’s FIPPA to New Brunswick’s PHIPAA (and every province and territory in between), Sync’s got your Canadian cloud storage compliance fully and completely covered. Your data is always safely stored right here in the true north strong and free. Google, not so much.

Canadian Google Drive Alternative

Better customer service

It’s no secret that Google doesn’t want to talk to you. Even their phone support is largely automated, with a series of time-consuming menu options that lead you back to the web for more information. Got a problem? Google it. Worse, Google doesn’t always support their products long-term. Planned obsolescence means that after just a few years, you may not be able to get any support at all.

With Sync, you get access to a dedicated in-house support team ready to answer all your questions. No chatbots, just real people helping you whenever you need it.

Google Drive Customer Service Woes

All the features you know and love

Just like Google, Sync makes it easy to store, share, and access your files from any computer, phone, or tablet. Which means you can easily deGoogle your cloud storage and continue to get all features you need. No disruptions, no learning curves, just pure syncing bliss.

Switch from Google Drive to Sync and continue to enjoy these great features:

  • Access your files from any computer or device
  • Desktop apps for Windows & Mac
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Web browser access
  • Offline access
  • Simple file sharing
  • Team shared folder collaboration
  • Selective sync
  • Multi-user management
  • Online document editing
  • File comments

Google Drive Features

Features you just can’t google

DeGoogling has even more advantages: you get more productivity features, more ways to collaborate, and a lot more storage space. Here are some incredible features you can only get at Sync:

  • Password protection and expiry dates when sharing
  • Custom branding (add your logo) when sharing
  • Microsoft Office integration
  • File requests and client file portal
  • Better Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder integration
  • People you share with don’t need a Sync account
  • Up to unlimited storage space for all your files

Google Drive Unlimited Storage

DeGoogle your life today

It may seem like Google’s grip is impossible to escape, but there is a path to a peaceful and serene life with less googling. Get started with these alternatives that do good:

With so many great and secure Google Drive alternatives, taking a stand has never been easier. Switch from Google Drive to Sync today, not because you have something to hide, but because you’ve got something to protect.

Google Drive Security

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