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All the Reasons to Say Bye-Cloud to iCloud and Switch to Sync

September 18, 2023

Team Lead at Sync

Secure iCloud Alternative

Whether it’s egregious pricing, forced ecosystem lock-in, or planned obsolescence, your cloud storage shouldn’t hold you back. Especially not for brand’s sake. The good news is you’re in the right place with Sync. And the thousands of businesses that have made the switch from Apple iCloud agree: Sync cloud storage works better across all platforms, saves you money, and gives you the freedom to choose. So start working on your terms with a secure iCloud alternative that works for you.

iCloud extortion

Blow minds, not budgets 

Apple has carefully cultivated a premium brand image based on haute couture design aesthetics, luxury retail stores, high-end unboxing experiences, and a corporate headquarters worth 5-billion-dollars. All at the cost of, well, you. Buying into Apple is a premium affair. And while that USD $679 Fauve Barénia Leather Buckle Apple Watch strap might turn heads, paying that sort of premium for 200 GB of basic iCloud storage space just won’t do the same.

Compare $7 per user for 200 GB of basic storage with iCloud, to $6 per user for 1000 GB (1TB) of full-featured storage with Sync. Apple’s premium price tag suddenly doesn’t look so luxurious. But the real dealbreaker with Apple is that unlike iPhone’s breakthrough innovation or MacBook’s trend-setting design, iCloud is pretty much the bottom of the barrel when it comes to cloud storage. A rotten Apple so to speak.

With limited storage, minimal features, poor cross-platform compatibility, and surprise price increases, this is not Apple’s best showing. Not even close. The hockey puck mouse of cloud storage?

Get premium cloud storage without the premium price tag, and blow minds, not budgets.

iCloud Price

All-in-one for everyone

Anti-trust. Monopolistic behaviour. Ecosystem lock-in. These are just a few methods in which Apple appears to exert control over all of us. All in the name of reducing choice. Want an Apple watch? You’ll need to purchase an iPhone first. Sending messages from Android to iOS? Welcome to green bubble hell. Hear about Ted Lasso? Get ready to spend more than cable just to tune in.

Apple’s market dominance is less about brand loyalty, and more about eco-system lock in. Simply put: Apple does not play nice with other platforms.

iCloud doesn’t work well on Windows. It’s a syncing, corruption, and compatibility apple-saucy mess. Even worse, iCloud doesn’t support Android with an app at all. There’s literally no app available in Google Play. So unless your entire company, all your colleagues, and all your clients and customers are using Apple exclusively, choosing iCloud will kill your productivity.

Sync gives you the freedom of choice, with full app support for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and the web. Working across platforms is easy, effortless, and effective. Get a first-rate experience for everyone.

iCloud Lock in

Enjoy certainty 

They don’t make them like they used to.

What was once an idiom reserved for kitchen appliances has become an unethical practice big-tech companies like Apple have embraced. Planned obsolescence (the deliberate act of making it so products require replacement faster) is what makes Apple a truly bad apple.

Case in point: Batterygate. Here Apple purposely released a software update that made older iPhones artificially slow, to the point that for millions of loyal Apple customers, the only solution was to purchase an expensive new phone. Many lost lawsuits later proved that Apple wasn’t trying to do good, but rather acted in bad faith.

From a poor right to repair track record, to the regularly unscheduled discontinuation of software (we miss you, iBooks Author), to the removal of industry standard ports in favour of proprietary ones, this is not what a company acting in their customers’ best interests looks like. Not even close.

When it comes to your important documents and files—your best work—you need a fully transparent cloud storage provider. For ethical cloud storage that is here to stay, choose Sync!

iCloud for Android

Room to grow

Why does Apple only include 200 GB of base storage on iCloud? That’s what Apple computers were sporting in 2008.

Which might have been enough a decade ago. But let’s be real – everything got bigger. From 4K video to media-rich Keynote presentations to the sheer volumes of documents and files we’re creating daily, gigabytes are out, and terabytes are in.

Sync gives you room to grow, with storage options ranging from 1000 GB (1 TB) to unlimited storage. All with enterprise-grade data resiliency and prices you can afford. Don’t get stuck in the dark ages of storage, and never run out of storage space again. Store your data securely with Sync.

iCloud Unlimited Storage

Canadian compliance 

For Canadians storing documents and files in the cloud, data residency is an important consideration. Because when your data is stored outside of Canada, it becomes subject to foreign law. Unlike Canada, the United States does not have any form of data privacy protection, and that’s one of the reasons why choosing Apple is risky. They don’t have to comply with Canada’s PIPEDA data privacy legislation.

Choosing Sync means you’re choosing a truly Canadian cloud storage provider. From British Columbia’s FIPPA to New Brunswick’s PHIPAA (and every province and territory in between), Sync’s got your Canadian cloud storage compliance fully and completely covered. Your data is always safely stored right here in the true north strong and free. Apple can’t say the same, eh?

iCloud Sync Canada

Engineered for maximum features

Sync makes it easy to store, share, and access your files from ANY computer, phone, or tablet—just like iCloud, but without all the limitations. Switching to Sync is easy, and with all the productivity features you know and love in a super simple layout, you’ll be right at home with Sync.

Enjoy these great Sync features:

  • Sync folder (just like the iCloud Drive)
  • Access your files from any computer or device
  • Desktop apps and File Explorer / Finder integration for Windows & Mac
  • Files-on-demand (just like iCloud’s Optimize Storage feature)
  • Mobile apps for iPhone and iPad
  • Web browser access
  • Offline access
  • Secure file sharing
  • Selective sync
  • Multi-user management
  • Microsoft Office and Office 365 integration

iCloud Features

The best keeps getting better

The iCloud feature set can be described as bare minimum at best. Take your productivity to the next level with these exclusive Sync features:

  • Android app
  • Enhanced file protection when sharing, including password protection, download limits, and expiry dates
  • Custom branding (add your logo) when sharing
  • File requests and a client file portal
  • People you share with don’t need a Sync account (or specific hardware)
  • Up to unlimited storage space for all your files
  • Vault storage for true backups
  • Up to 365 days of deleted file recovery (compared to the 30 days iCloud offers)

iCloud Features

Best customer service

If you’re okay with becoming the next Apple customer support horror story, they have the perfect support team for you. Otherwise, if you’re looking for rapid response times from knowledgeable customer service experts who don’t try to constantly upsell you, you really need to switch to Sync. With Sync, you get dedicated, personalized, in-house help whenever you need it.

iCloud Support

Think different and make the switch today

Sync takes what you know and love about iCloud and simply does it better. Say goodbye to the egregious pricing, forced ecosystem lock-in, and planned obsolescence that comes standard with Apple. Say hello to a refreshingly simple file sync, sharing, collaboration, and backup solution that works perfectly across all platforms.

Join the thousands of businesses that have made the switch from iCloud to Sync and get more for less. Find the right plan for your business and fall back in love with cloud storage that doesn’t hold you back. Get your team in Sync with a better, faster, more affordable secure Apple iCloud alternative.

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