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All the Reasons to Think Outside the Box and Switch to Sync

June 8, 2023

Team Lead at Sync Alternative

It’s time to think outside the and switch to Sync.

Whether it’s extortionate pricing, debilitating limitations, or sluggish performance, you shouldn’t let your cloud storage provider hold you back. The good news is that you’re in the right place with Sync. And the thousands of businesses that have made the switch from agree: Sync cloud storage is better, faster, and more affordable.  So start working on your terms with a secure alternative that works for you.

Pricing for businesses of all sizes

It’s unanimous, is incredibly pricy for what you get. On a budget? Box’s low-cost plans give you so little storage you’ll immediately have to pay for more. Have a growing team? Your journey with Box starts with paying potentially thousands of dollars more per year compared to the competition. And even then, your team will quickly run into file limitations that force you to pay more. It’s a no-win situation.

Switch to Sync to get fair, customer-friendly pricing whether you’re a sole practitioner, SMB, team, or large-scale organization. Sync provides immediate cost relief compared to Box’s wildly expensive, per-user pricing. Scale your business and balance your budget with Sync. Don’t get stuck inside the box.

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Experience life without limits

If there’s one thing is good at, it’s limits. In fact, Box has a wide array of limits designed specifically to hold you back…unless you pay more. Imagine choosing a cloud storage provider that intentionally stifles your biggest ideas, hinders your creativity, and paywalls your best work. That’s life inside the box. Here are the limits you need to know:

File size limits: Box imposes woefully inadequate file size limits on virtually every plan. For businesses just getting started, the maximum file size is only 2GB. A non-starter for most media files. Even at the top tier, limits range from 5GB to 15GB. Still not enough to get your best work done. Unlike Box, Sync doesn’t impose file size limits on any plan. Upload large files to your heart’s content!

File version history limits: Version history allows you to go back in time and restore older versions of a file. It’s a lifesaver if you get hit with ransomware. Box includes a maximum of 25 revisions on the Business Starter plan, which may not be enough to recover when disaster strikes. Sync offers unlimited revisions on all business plans. Sleep easy at night.

User limits: Perhaps the most unnecessary limit Box levies is a 10-user maximum (not minimum) on the Box Business Starter plan. Essentially, Box penalizes growing teams by forcing them onto a much more expensive plan just to keep working. Grow your team on your terms with Sync. Without nightmarish price increases down the road.

How to get rid of Box file size limits

Performance that scales

Box reveals a surprising detail buried deep inside their documentation: “Box Drive is not suited for mass contents transfer.” AKA, Box is not suitable for large file sets. Got tens of thousands of files? Good luck trying to get them in or out of Box. Sync is optimized to support large file sets, which makes getting your data into Sync easy and scaling up even easier.

In the same document, Box plainly admits that they’re not the fastest. Large files open slowly and performance does not scale. Which means more wasted time leading to more issues down the line. Avoid all of this with Sync.

How to make faster

Truly unlimited unlimited storage

While Box does advertise unlimited storage, it’s not exactly as advertised. Not even close. What’s the point of paying for unlimited if you can’t upload large files or large file sets? Sync’s Pro Teams Unlimited plan includes unlimited cloud storage, unlimited data transfer, and unlimited collaboration. To infinity and beyond without all the limits.

Unlimited cloud storage better than

Enterprise-grade security without the enterprise-grade price tag

By now there’s a familiar story shaping up. Everything at Box costs more. And that extends to the security of your documents and files too. From basic data loss protection to advanced admin controls to Box Shield, Box Governance, and HIPAA compliance, everything at Box costs more. Add it all up and it’s almost impossible to know just how much keeping your data protected actually costs, or whether your data is truly protected with the Box plan you choose.

With Sync data loss protection is included by default on all plans, HIPAA compliance is included on every Teams plan, ransomware protection with account roll-back and up to 365 days of files version history comes standard, and advanced access controls are built-in. Additionally, Sync is certified compliant with the most widely accepted security and privacy regulations worldwide, including SOC 2, SOC 3, and the GDPR.

Sync is designed to keep you safe. No premiums.

Lower pricing

More features to love with less bloat

It’s no secret Box is bloated. With Box not only do you pay a premium for features you’ll never use, but you also end up paying for a long list of limitations that you will use on a daily basis. What’s oddly strange is that Box advertises these limits as features! If the B in Box stands for bloat, the S in Sync stands for simplicity. Because Sync includes all the file sync, sharing, collaboration, and backup features you know and love, without the bloat:

  • Access your files from any computer or device
  • Desktop apps and File Explorer / Finder integration for Windows & Mac
  • Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • Web browser access
  • Offline access
  • Secure file sharing
  • Secure shared folder collaboration
  • Advanced share permissions
  • File requests
  • Selective sync
  • Multi-user management
  • Sync CloudFiles files-on-demand (similar to Box Drive)
  • Microsoft Office and Office 365 integration
  • Custom branding

Better Box Drive

Stellar customer service for all

If you’re okay with becoming the next Box customer support horror story, they have the perfect support team for you. Otherwise, if you’re looking for rapid response times from knowledgeable customer service experts, you really need to switch to Sync. With Sync, you get dedicated, personalized, in-house help whenever you need it.

Get better phone support with Sync

Make the switch today

Sync takes what you know and love about and simply does it better. Say goodbye to the extortionate pricing, debilitating limitations, and sluggish performance that comes standard with Box. Say hello to a refreshingly simple file sync, sharing, collaboration, and backup solution, that works for you.

Join the thousands of businesses that have made the switch from Box to Sync and get more for less. Find the right plan for your business and fall back in love with cloud storage that doesn’t hold you back. Get your team in Sync with a better, faster, more affordable secure vs Sync alternative.

Think outside the Box!

Sync is a better alternative

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