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Slack is Now In Sync

July 19, 2021

Victoria Donovan
Content Specialist at Sync

Slack in Sync

We at Sync are big Slack fans, as it’s great for fast and functional company-wide and department-wide communication. So, naturally, we wanted to make the experience even better, not just for ourselves, but for all Sync users too.

Slack and Sync: a new dream team

Sync is now a Slack-approved app! If your team or organization uses both Slack and Sync, this is a game-changer. You can now insert your Sync files directly into Slack channels and messages. Connect your accounts so you can seamlessly share your files directly from Slack without having to switch between platforms. Thus, no more copy and pasting! We’re all about making your workflows easier, faster, and more productive. Just /sync it!

Slack in Sync.

Better security

Furthermore, beyond productivity, this new integration helps keeps the files you’re sharing on Slack safer by keeping them out of Slack. Now you can share a file in Slack without having to upload and store it on Slack first. Therefore, your files always remain on Sync and retain all of the data residency and security compliance goodness that you rely on.

Additionally, when sharing files on Slack, you’ll be able to use Sync’s built-in access control features to keep your data even safer:

  • Prevent proliferation of files across platforms.
  • Granular control over which folders and files are available to Slack.
  • Revoke access to files shared on Slack anytime.
  • Set time limits for files shared on Slack.
  • Prevent the people you share with from downloading (view-only sharing).
  • Get notified via email when a file you shared is viewed.
  • Password-protect the files you share.
  • Monitor activity via your Events tab.

As a result, all of these features give you an extra layer of security on Slack to ensure that you maintain control of your files, no matter who you share with.

App-solutely wonderful

To get started, visit Slack’s app store here. This new feature is available to all users, so get your Slack workspace in Sync today!

Reach your full Sync potential

We’re constantly improving and adding new features to make Sync as easy to use and as synchronized as possible. Make sure you’re updating your desktop and mobile apps so things are running smoothly, and you can always upgrade your Sync account to unlock more exciting features. We have a plan that’s perfect for you!

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