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Sync 1.1.7 Desktop Apps Available

February 16, 2016

Team Lead at Sync

Product Update.


We’ve just released version 1.1.7 of the Sync desktop app, for both Windows and Mac OS X.

If you’re already running Sync, click the Sync icon in your menu bar or system tray and the upgrade option should be visible. Otherwise, you can upgrade by downloading and installing the app directly.

What’s new?

Version 1.1.7

  • NEW: Proxy support, manual and automatic proxy configuration
  • NEW: Additional options when creating secure links from context menu
    • Standard secure link option
    • Enhanced privacy secure link option – learn more …
  • NEW: Progress tab provides more information about sync activity
  • NEW: Notifications on network connection errors
  • NEW: Notifications when new app version available
  • FIXED: Download speeds much faster when transferring thousands of files
  • FIXED: Long running actions such as sharing a large folder will no longer interfere with syncing
  • FIXED: Faster scanning and syncing of large folders
  • FIXED: Improved conflict file handling when collaborating
  • FIXED: Improved file handling in low disk space situations
  • FIXED: Multiple bugs with image thumbnail generation
  • FIXED: Additional folder move options when move fails
  • FIXED: Improved case handling
    • FILE.txt and file.TXT will no longer result in conflict files
    • Changing folder name case will not result in duplicate folders
  • FIXED: No more filename character exclusions on OS X
    • Sync now supports all legal OS X file name characters
  • FIXED: OS X overlays work immediately after upgrade

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