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Unboxing Petabytes of Storage

August 10, 2017

Team Lead at Sync

Unboxing Petabytes of storage.

Our first shipment of 10 TB helium enterprise SAS drives has just arrived, and we’re beyond ecstatic! These drives deliver a massive storage density upgrade, and reduced overall energy consumption, compared to our current fleet of 4 and 6 TB drives. Thanks @Seagate!

Growing fast

Here at Sync we continue to invest heavily in server-side infrastructure to meet demand. With over 350,000 users uploading millions of encrypted files to our servers every single day, these new high capacity drives are a real game changer in terms of our ability to scale.

Your data is safe with Sync

  • Data is stored on RAID storage arrays, utilizing enterprise SAS drives
  • Data is replicated across multiple datacenter locations (with automated failover)
  • Data is always encrypted in the cloud

A few photos:

One of many, many boxes …


Tightly packed …


20 drives per box …


Here we go …


Did I mention many, many boxes?



We’re moving to 10 TB drives, and the first (of many) multi-petabyte shipments arrived today. These drives will deliver increased reliability and performance for all Sync users, and help us scale, as we continue to experience rapid growth.

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