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Introducing Sync Pro Teams+, the New Era of Team Collaboration

August 14, 2023

Team Lead at Sync

Enter a new era of team collaboration

Today we embark on the next chapter of the Sync Pro Teams story with the launch of our all-new Sync Pro Teams+ Unlimited plan.

Our vision for Sync has always been to provide a truly collaborative workspace. One that connects your internal teams, external partners, colleagues, clients, and customers together — so everyone is always up-to-date and on the same page. From SMBs to large-scale organizations, millions of people rely on Sync to stay productive and keep their data safe in the cloud.

Sync enables game-changing innovation with cross-platform apps, secure file sharing, Sync CloudFiles, and seamless third-party app support including Microsoft Office. These features, combined with the freedom of unlimited storage space, transform the way people get their best work done.

Enabling larger teams

To facilitate cloud adoption across larger organizations, we’ve rebuilt our Pro Teams platform on a foundation of scalability, compliance, and control. Giving team leaders and IT the tools they need to effectively manage company-wide document collaboration for hundreds or thousands of users.

Below is a summary of the breakthrough new team management features included on the all-new Sync Pro Teams+ Unlimited plan:

Scalable: Provision users faster

User provisioning creates a foundation for data governance by ensuring organizations maintain ownership and control over all data stored in the cloud. Pro Teams+ makes onboarding at scale easy with CSV upload, automatic user provisioning, and a real-time user dashboard. Reduce costs, save time, and address compliance issues by ensuring your entire team is fully in Sync.

Provision your team easily with CSV upload

Control: Keep your data safer

Access management is a critical function for any organization storing sensitive data in the cloud. Pro Teams+ introduces Sync role-based access controls (Sync RBAC), giving you more visibility, oversight, and control over who has access to company data.

Highlights include:

Role editor with support for multiple admins

Use the role editor to segregate duties and assign different levels of access for your groups, departments, and teams. Apply permissions at a group level (rather than per-user) to save time and help ensure security policies are fully in place.

Likewise, Sync RBAC extends admin-level access, giving your organization an additional layer of security and redundancy. With support for:

  • Super user
  • Multiple administrators
  • Delegation of user and role management

Sync RBAC makes access control easy

Granular access controls

Sync RBAC gives administrators the ability to grant or revoke access to specific Sync features at the role level, helping you meet complex data governance and compliance requirements.

  • Restrict link sharing
  • Restrict folder collaboration
  • Enforce two factor authentication (2FA)
  • Restrict purge (permanent file deletion)

2FA for all

Enabling two factor authentication is one of the easiest ways to secure access to company data. Quickly set up, roll out, and enforce your 2FA security policy company-wide with Sync RBAC.

Centralized document access management

Additionally, Sync RBAC supercharges team share folder management at scale with group invites. Save time by inviting users to shared folders by role.

Share by role

Compliance: Build trust

Pro Teams+ includes all the features your organization needs to meet complex compliance requirements, including SOC 2, SOC 3, GDPR, and HIPAA. And with storage insights, auditing tools, per-user password management, and strong encryption, Pro Teams+ is a must-have for any group operating in highly regulated industries.

Unlimited storage: Unlock your team’s full potential

Never worry about running out of space again with unlimited storage space, data transfer, and sharing. Get the storage you need, when you need it, without surprise overage fees. To infinity and beyond!

Price: Reduce your cloud storage TCO

Moreover, realize critical IT cost savings while enhancing your company’s productivity and security, simply by switching to Sync.

Sync Pro Teams+ delivers enterprise-grade file sync, backup, sharing, collaboration, and user administration tools at a fraction of the cost per user. All with priority, in-house phone support and an uptime SLA.

Pro Teams+: Your truly collaborative workspace

Get everyone in your organization working better together with a full suite of modern productivity tools:

  • Centralized team folders to keep everybody in sync
  • Automatic backup, versioning, and recovery for complete peace of mind
  • File sharing with passwords and view-only access to stay in control
  • Custom branding with your company logo to build trust
  • Seamless 3rd party app support – use the apps you know and love
  • Microsoft Office Online integration for realtime document collaboration
  • Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder integration + iOS, Android and web apps for access from anywhere flexibility
  • Sync Cloudfiles files-on-demand to free up storage space

Get the power of the plus

Today marks a new era of team collaboration and management. Try Sync Pro Teams+ Unlimited risk-free, or talk to our sales team to learn more.

Get your team on the cloud today

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